What to ask movers before your local move

Moving on your own takes a lot of time and effort. Working with professional movers will take that significant burden off your shoulders. However, you will need to know what to ask movers before your local move. There are definitely some things you should be aware of. From cost estimates and insurance to packing and storage services, we have covered all of the most important questions you will need to ask. Read carefully if you want to have the best moving experience possible.

Moving estimates

You will certainly want to know the cost of your relocation. That is why moving companies are obligated to provide a cost estimate. You are entitled to a copy of a written estimate. Both you and the moving company must sign the estimate for it to be valid. This estimate is carried out either based on the weight of your belongings or based on the company’s per-hour rate. Rarely, it can also be based on the cubic feet length of your belongings.

A calculator
Moving companies are obliged to provide you with a cost estimate.

Apart from that, there are three kinds of different estimates: binding, non-binding, and binding not-to-exceed estimates. With the first one, the actual price has to be the same as the estimated price. For example, if your belongings end up weighing more or less than the initial estimate, the final price will remain the same regardless. Under similar circumstances, the price may change with a non-binding estimate. The binding not-to-exceed estimate is the best of all three. Here, the final price cannot be higher, but it can be lower than what was estimated. This is the type of estimate you should ask your movers for.

Ask movers about additional moving costs

You will certainly want to avoid surprising moving costs. You should ask the right questions and work with your movers in order to avoid such costs, which may catch you off-guard. There are several situations when that might happen. For example, perhaps it is hard or impossible for a large moving vehicle to access your moving destination, in which case you may need to pay for a shuttle service. Or, movers may need to hand-carry your belongings over a portion of the trip. In order to avoid that happening, plan for a parking space as close to the destination as possible.

Ask to look into the company a bit

In order to make sure that you are dealing with reliable movers, it is always a good idea to ask for referrals and letters of recommendation. Good moving companies will be happy to supply you with these. In addition, be sure to check the online reviews before settling on the moving company.

Look at the company’s website, too. The best moving companies’ websites are built and maintained by professional companies with plenty of expertise and know-how in terms of web development. If a moving company has an outdated, unattractive website that is hard to use, then that is certainly not a good sign.

Also, you can ask to examine the company’s equipment. Look at their vehicles, and inspect the state of their premises and their workers’ uniforms. This may seem trivial, but a highly-professional company that will do an excellent job will also keep its inventory in a pristine condition. 

A magnifying glass.
Inspect the company a bit to make sure you are dealing with reliable movers.

Packing service

It is important to ask your movers whether they provide packing services. While you can handle that on your own, packing takes a lot of time and good movers will likely do a better job with delicate items. Also, generally speaking, professional movers can protect all of your items better. For example, some movers offer the service of free blanket wrapping and sofa shrink-wrapping, while others may charge you for this service, so this is useful to know as well.  

When it comes to packing appliances, some movers may charge for this service as well – which is another item on your what to ask movers before your local move list. If they do charge for this service, you can ask how they do prepare them and what their policies are. This is useful to know because there’s a chance you might be able to do this on your own. Also, ask about labeling the items and about the procedure for identifying them upon arrival. You will certainly need to prepare a list of all your items so that you can later account for them.

Storage service

For whatever reason, you may require some storage space. Some moving companies can provide you with storage space, so if you do need it, then that’s another thing to ask movers about. It is also important to become acquainted with the advantages of private storage vs. self-storage. With moving companies, you will be getting private storage, which features some important benefits as opposed to self-storage. One of them is that, when moving, you won’t have to personally transport your belongings to the storage unit, because the movers will do that for you.

Outdoor storage facilities as one of the questions to ask movers before your local move
Ask your movers about the storage services they offer.

Ask movers about insurance

When it comes to local moves, the distance is not that large. There’s a smaller chance of damaging or losing your belongings. (Of course, with reliable movers, the chance of that happening is small generally speaking.) Still, mistakes can happen, so you consider getting insurance for your items. Ask movers before your local move about the cost of insurance and the coverage options. 

Usually, insurance is determined based on how much your items weigh, so you’ll need to ask movers if that’s their practice, too. Usually, for every pound of weight, you will need to pay 60 cents. This is a standard option when it comes to insurance coverage. So, have the cost-per-pound in mind when deciding on the right insurance. You will need to determine whether the insurance offered will be enough to repair or replace the damaged or lost items. Also, have in mind that your home insurance may be able to provide some extra coverage when relocating.

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