U.S. states millennials are moving to this year

There are fifty U.S. states. Some of them are good, some of them are great to live in. But they are all very different from one another. In order to choose the one you like and the one that will suit you the best, you need to do some research. Millennials are a specific generation (now they are the home-buying generation) and there are some noticeable trends where you can see which states this generation prefers so we will start with that. We will cover the basics and then you can continue on your own with further research. So, here are the most popular U.S. states millennials are moving to this year.

The most popular U.S. states amongst millennials this year

Some millennials relocate for jobs, so we won’t find that interesting, of course. But, there are trends you can see that have nothing to do with the job but the state itself :

  • Florida
  • Lousiana
  • Texas
  • California

These are the 4 most popular U.S. states millennials are moving to this year and we are about to show you why.


You probably thought “isn’t Florida for seniors?”. Well, this state can be a great spot for seniors but young people are relocating here more and more each year. No state income tax is just one of the perks. Reasonable prices, affordable housing, amazing beaches that look like they are from the postcards, and perfect weather are other reasons. For the ones looking for job opportunities, Miami is a perfect spot but millennials are the generation that works from home. A lot of them simply work online and as long as they have wifi they don’t really care where they are. This is the reason why they choose one of the beautiful suburbs near Miami and don’t go into the city. That way you get the best of both worlds you live in a peaceful and beautiful place and don’t have that big city hassle. Also, they are great for raising a family. This generation is the one bringing babies to the world right now.

one of the best U.S. states millennials are moving to - Florida
This can be the perfect place to work, relax and raise kids.


This state is a “melting pot” of cultures: French, African, French-Canadian, and modern American. Its best-known for Creole and Cajun culture, food, jazz music, and the Mardi Gras festival. All that diversity is what millennials love and why they choose to relocate here. Of course, affordable housing and low costs of life help too. This is a perfect year to buy a house in Louisiana but the word of advice from experts is to wait for the winter months if you want to save some money. If you think that Lousiana might be the best among U.S. states for you to move to, you should find assistance in the area to help you with relocation, and the hardest part of all – unpacking and settling in.

Texas – yet another among the U.S. states millennials are moving to

Texas is known for friendly residents, amazing food, and it’s a perfect place for hot weather fans. Ranching is also getting more popular amongst millennials. Ranching is hard work but it’s an honest one and with a bit of luck you can live quite nice from the livestock and land. There are other perks that millennials coming from NY for example love – you can park your car wherever you like and there is no traffic. How amazing is that? Of course in big cities, you have a lot of job opportunities.

A star on a wooden crate.
Texas is known to have the most amazing food in the states.


Everybody knows that it can get very expensive living in California. That is the fact but people in the IT sector like relocating there. You want to be in the company of the best IT companies in the world and all of the important ones are there. For the ones trying to make it in the world of acting well, there is Hollywood. So, yeah this is also a popular destination for young professionals. But that amazing beach life doesn’t hurt either (perfect weather too).

New Jersey

Yet another popular destination. More and more each year. Especially for the millennials from New York. Life in NJ is less hectic, less pricy and yet you are still very close to New York – just one fairy ride. Let’s not forget the amazing Jersey food too! There are also plenty of job opportunities, and unlike in NYC the is no shortage of housing – yet.

Relocating to one of those U.S. states

Choosing the right one will be hard. It will take some time, planning and of course, it will be costly if you are buying a place of your own. Relocations can be quite overwhelming. You have all your household items to pack and secure and let’s not forget the heavy lifting. That part is really difficult. That’s why people usually hire professional movers like zippyshelllouisiana.com to help them with upcoming relocation. They can do so much more than just moving you from point a to point b. They can help with packing, unpacking later on too. Many of them have some special services like senior relocation or pet relocation in order to be there for you every step of the way.

A man packing some items in a small cardboard box.
Leave the hard work to professionals.

Adapting to a whole new state

If you have chosen one of those U.S. states millennials are moving to and have already moved to your new place, now the adaptation process will begin. Our best advice is to unpack as soon as you can so you can start settling in your new home. After you are done with that you are free to explore your new town and neighborhood. Also, you can start meeting and befriending your new next-door neighbors. That will make you feel less homesick which is always a good thing. Good luck and hopefully you will choose the best one for you. If you are in doubt consult your friends and family members. They know what’s best for you and wish you just the best.

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