Top places in Virginia for NYC retirees

Nowadays, a great number of people who are retired are leaving New York City for Virginia. Obviously, most people want to spend their golden years away from big crowds, noise, and traffic. And Virginia can offer very nice locations for senior citizens that are safe and that at the same time are not boring. Here, you will read something more about the best places in Virginia for NYC retirees.

Falls Church

First, we will mention Falls Church that has more than good conditions for various outdoor activities. This place has excellent housing options and golf courses that seniors from the Big Apple love. Plus, Falls Church has an urban vibe that means a lot to retirees who are coming from big cities. Many people who are used to everything that life in New York City includes tend to miss it. But, if they choose Falls Church they will not regret relocating here.

Falls Church has to offer so many fun things to all who decide to move here.

Bedford is one of the best places in Virginia for NYC retirees

The second location in Virginia that attracts many retirees from New York City is Bedford. This place has to offer a lot when it comes to history and culture. It has a couple of museums and historic locations of huge importance. Since people who are retired have a lot of free time on their hands, visiting all these locations can be very interesting and fun for many history lovers. If you choose to move to Bedford in Virginia, we strongly advise you to hire professional help available at and experience a joyful move.


The third place that many people find excellent for retirees is Winchester. It is very affordable when it comes to housing and all the other living expenses and nature is amazing here. It is also offering a lot in terms of culture and history. And, healthcare in Winchester in Virginia is really great. Of course, this is one of the main reasons why so many seniors from New York City choose to move here.

Annandale is among the top places in Virginia for NYC retirees

Finally, there is Annandale in Virginia which is a really nice place for seniors from the Big Apple. Houses are very beautiful and not too expensive, medical facilities are excellent, and the quality of life overall is pretty good. So, if you choose to relocate to Annandale you will need help when moving in. We advise you to reach your new home safely with professional moving experts by your side. 

A house in Annandale, one of the top places in Virginia for NYC retirees.
Annandale in Virginia has very nice homes.


To sum up, there are really great places in Virginia for NYC retirees. Some of the most interesting ones in terms of history and culture are Bedford and Winchester. When it comes to housing options, affordability, and quality of life, we recommend Falls Church and Annandale.

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