Things you should never store in storage unit

Many of us have wondered what we are really allowed to place in our storage unit. Watching shows like Storage Wars might give us the wrong impression because they give us the idea that you have a green light to store whatever you might like. However, in real life, this is surely not the case. There are some DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to storage usage. So, let’s see what should never be found in your storage unit.

Illegal Items are a big NO

You might think that we are blowing smoke. Why would anyone store illegal items in a storage unit? You would be surprised how many people cross this line. Some even without really realizing it. Therefore, stolen items or any other items involved in illegal activity have no place in your storage unit. Renting a storage unit doesn’t mean that you gained a new untouchable property. This is a space that can still be seized by the authorities.

Think twice about placing irreplaceable items in your storage unit

Surely no documents, jewelry, or money should be kept in your rented storage. No matter how good the security in it may be, we strongly advise against it. Also, the same applies to expensive art and similar items that are impossible or very hard to replace. Smaller items are better of in a secured box within a bank. In case you decide that your storage facility is safe enough to store your valuables, you should get insurance for those items. If theft or damage happens, you want to be covered at least from that perspective.

Dark blue US passport.
Documents such as a passport should never be placed in a storage facility.

Hazardous items are forbidden in a storage unit

Legal nor illegal chemicals should be kept in storage space. Your storage unit must always be free of such items. Temperature control and ventilation are always a factor in such situations. However, even when it is available at your unit, such items are still not welcome. Everything that is flammable or has explosive potential can’t come near your unit. If you are in a dilemma, what can be stored or what is considered hazardous, check your lease. Most leases clearly state which items are not to be placed in the storage.

Living and breathing thing

Some folks had a swell idea. They thought it would be alright to spend the night in their storage unit. This is never alright. So, if this applies to you it also applies to your pets and plants. Not only are you endangering their health and wellbeing, but you would also be cruel. Find alternative spots for anything that is alive.

Food and similar items

No matter how hard you looked and managed to find the right storage space, you should never use it for food storing. It is not sanitary, and it might attract bugs and other pests. Not to mention that the ventilation is usually limited, and the temperature is not as recommended.

Little leafy green plant in a gray pot.
Putting plants in your storage area might not be illegal but it is cruel. If you decide to do it, expect to find your plant in horrific conditions.


Consult your common sense. If you do so you should be fine. It is not likely that you will store forbidden items in your storage unit. In case you don’t feel comfortable in making such a decision you can always consult your storage owner and your lease.

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