The ultimate space-saving packing tips

Do you want to save space when moving in your moving boxes or in a suitcase when traveling? If you don’t have experience with packing, we know the best space-saving packing tips you can use in order to pack more items and to use fewer boxes. This way, you can also save money and have more affordable relocation. So, try these tips because you don’t have anything to lose, only to win.

Simple space-saving packing tips when moving

Packing will be one of the most time-consuming tasks during relocation and not only that – moving costs mostly depend on the size of your move. When you have less moving boxes to move, your relocation will be more affordable. By saving space when moving, you will also save money, it is a win-win situation! Space is another issue when packing. Learn how to manage to save in each cardboard box, especially when you know you don’t have enough packing material.

A moving box.
Before you start packing your household items, know how to pack them properly

Declutter before packing

Before packing, get rid of items you don’t use anymore. Donate or sell them. If they are too old and useless, just throw them away. Inventory all your household items and create categories. After all, most space you will save if you pack fewer items. But, if you cannot get rid of items, choose the right storage service.

Leave clothes in drawers

Leave soft items such as clothes and linens in dresser drawers and desk drawers when moving, don’t put them in moving boxes. Nothing can stop to use drawers as moving containers. Also, make sure doors cannot be open during transportation.

Use suitcases

You can also pack items in suitcases, don’t move them empty. They use a lot of space, so why not use them when you can. Clothes can be in drawers and, for example, you can store your book collection in travel suitcases. Books are heavy and it will be easier to move with a suitcase with small wheels on the bottom.

Using a suitcase as one of the space saving packing tips.
If you have travel suitcases, it is perfect for packing and saving moving boxes

Use soft materials for wrapping

Socks, linens, towels, blankets can be used as wrapping material or padding. This way you will save money on packing supplies and also it will save space in moving boxes when moving. Even fragile items can be wrapped with soft materials instead of air bubble foil.

Roll up some clothing

When packing clothes, roll them up because you can save almost 50% of space this way. Also, they will be wrinkle-free! Expensive designer clothes should not be rolled up, but most of the items can.

Buy vacuum seal bags

Vacuum seal bags are ideal for packing blankets and pillows. Those items use a lot of space, but not in vacuum bags. It is one of the best space-saving packing tips you can apply.

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