The ultimate checklist for moving from Florida to NYC

Long-distance relocations can be a big hassle and are a source of sleepless nights and stress. Moving long-distance from Florida to NYC is no different. The unknown, the risk of belongings getting lost or damaged, or simply missing something can be off-putting and troubling. This is why proper planning and organization of the move is so important. It is always wise to prepare well in advance for such a long-distance move. To make the move easier, more secure, and stress-free start planning ahead. Many can advise using a sort of checklist to help keep everything on track. There are no sure recipes but there is sort of the ultimate checklist for moving that can be of help.

The ultimate moving checklist – the importance

Even short-distance moves can be worrying for many people. Moving around town can also be difficult. But consider picking up all of your belongings and moving cross country. It is stressful, and it is complex. This is where moving checklists come in handy. They are sort of a blueprint for the move that can help you go through the motions. A checklist will help you stay on track, not miss anything and as a result, sleep better. The ultimate checklist will keep track of all of the activities that you will have to perform. To be thorough it will cover your moving steps through time.

A to do list and a calendar.
Start making your moving checklist to stay on top of your move

It is important to note that the ultimate checklist is not all that is needed for a successful move from Florida to NYC. Just as important is to find someone to transport everything safely. Finding the right interstate movers is crucial. So, research. Make sure you find registered and certified movers that have the experience and are safe and reputable to perform your move to NYC.

The checklist

To be sure about your move make the checklist that will cover your moving steps in stages. Start with it as early as possible however make sure to be detailed with your plans the closer you are to the moving date. Here is a brief example of what to cover in this ultimate checklist.

A pile of boxes
Handle your moving process from the planning stages, trough the packing to the moving day
  • 14 to 12 weeks before the move you should determine your budget and decide on how you should move. You should research the movers and estimate the cost. Make the final arrangements with the real estate agents. Call or the movers of your choice to finalize the agreement.
  • 10 to 8 weeks before, start decluttering and prepare for packing. Make a list of things to be moved by movers and what will come with you. Get the necessary packing supplies
  • 6 to 4 weeks before, start packing. Also look into transferring the insurance, medical data and make arrangements for transferring your kids to new schools.
  • In the final stages, finalize the packing and prepare the furniture for the move. Alert the bank about the change, iron out the details with the movers. Start canceling subscriptions and other services. Finally, prepare the necessities bag and use some of the tricks to organize a care-free moving day in detail.

    A woman holding a moving box
    Hire professionals but do your part in planning and packing

So, the ultimate long-distance moving checklist will give you a detailed, time frame and a blueprint for the move. Going through each step will help you handle the move easily and relieve you of stress. Make sure you are detailed and take your time to avoid missing anything.  Also, do not forget to prepare your home before moving in.

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