The poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Everybody knows that moving to and living in NYC is expensive. However, we are curious to know those fancy neighborhoods that everybody likes. If you are looking for a place like this (or simply want to know what places to avoid to save money), here’s the list of the poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn you should know about.

Before you decide to move…

… think about your living priorities. Yes, all the poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn are pretty cool, yet often they come with a very high price. So, does expensive mean better? Well, it depends. If a place is posh and expensive, it doesn’t mean it will be close to your favorite places in town or that you will be happy there.

No matter how much you like a home, you shouldn’t go over the budget, since paying more than you actually can afford will cause you serious financial problems in the future. So, before choosing a home, make sure you plan your moving budget and housing budget, and take safe steps into the new adventure.

Cars on the Brooklyn Bridge driving to the the poshest neighborhoods
Does posh really mean much better?

What are the poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn?

Here’s what are the fanciest locations in this NYC borough.

Carroll Gardens

Located in northwest Brooklyn, this lovely neighborhood has become very popular over the years. As a result, the housing prices have gone up as well – the median home value is $1,462,941. However, even though it seems like a lot – it’s more affordable than some other neighborhoods on this list.  This neighborhood offers high-quality historic homes in tree-lined streets that make the place very popular among new residents. The neighborhood gives you a chance to live in a quiet area of the city, while at the same time you can reach the hottest locations very easily.

Crown Heights

Another cool and posh neighborhood is Crown Heights – a favorite among families and professionals. The median home price for a two-bedroom apartment is around $1.05 million, whereas the median rent for the same-sized home is around $2,400. The place gives you an urban feel and it has amazing walkability and public transportation features. If you don’t feel like going to Manhattan, you can choose some of many restaurants shops and nightlife spots to have some fun. Also, as being one of the poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn – the crime rate is above average for NYC. So, if you’re thinking of Crown Heights as your new home, you should know that moving here is fun and easy – with the helping hand of local professionals. Just contact the company that knows Brooklyn well, and you’ll have your items delivered safely and quickly.

Buildings in one of the poshest neighborhoods in brooklyn.
Do you feel like living in a posh neighborhood? Or it’s not worth the price?

Cobble Hill

Definitely the star of this list, Cobble Hill is for sure one of the poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It’s also one of the most expensive places in Brooklyn – sharing the first place with Dumbo. The median home sale price has gone to more than $2.3 million, which results in the neighborhood’s popularity among wealthy residents. Also, the median rent is $4,690, which means you would have to earn $118,000 per year just for a one-bedroom home.

So, if you want to settle down in your new luxury home in Cobble Hill – make sure you do it right. A luxury home requires high-quality moving service and someone who knows how to deal with expensive and specialty items.  This way, you can be relieved and be able to enjoy your new neighborhood.

Brooklyn Heights

Right next to Cobble Hill, this lovely neighborhood also takes part in this list of the poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. What makes it different from other places is the location with an amazing view. You can enjoy a beautiful skyline view right from your home – however, this comes with a price. The average rent in Brooklyn Heights is about $5,500, which results in some of the wealthiest Brooklyn residents living right here in Brooklyn Heights.

A view from Brooklyn Heights which one of the poshest neighborhoods
Do you want this to be your everyday view? Move to one of the poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Does moving to Brooklyn needs to be posh and expensive?

Not at all! If you choose wisely, you can have an affordable move with excellent service. For example, a local moving company like will provide you with top-quality moving services, without you breaking the bank. Local NYC companies are specialized in moves around New York and will make sure to choose the best time and route to deliver your items safely. So, when moving into a luxury apartment, make sure to hire someone you can trust – and choose only companies that were recommended by trustworthy sources.

How much time do I need to move to one of the poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn?

Well, it depends on the size of your move. However, we recommend you start planning as early as possible – at least two months before the moving date. The reason is the number of moving tasks you need to finish before relocation – and the only way to do it stress-free is on time. So, grab a paper and write all the things you need to buy or do before the moving day. Staying organized when preparing for the move is the key to a successful home/office relocation.

Moving into a smaller place

If you move to one of the poshest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, you may be moving into a smaller home, too. NYC is known for its smaller, yet more expensive homes compared to some other big cities in the country. However, that shouldn’t be a problem for you. You can downsize and declutter your home before the moving day, and also choose the right storage service and save space in your home. It is a solution chosen by many New Yorkers for a good reason.

Stay positive

Moving to a new city can be tough, but it can be much easier if you keep a positive attitude. To save energy and time, and therefore be in a better mood, try to stay organized and reduce the efforts as much as possible. Hire assistance, ask friends to help you out, find more efficient packing techniques – anything that will reduce the moving stress, and make you feel happy about moving to your new Brooklyn home.

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