How frequently should you clean your storage unit

There are a lot of people that use storage units today and that is more than normal. People are unaware of how frequently this happens. But instead of discussing how to use a storage unit, we’ll focus on how often you need to clean your storage unit. Although if you are planning to relocate be sure to ask movers the questions you have. You will know how to treat your move before starting the process. If there are reasons to move your storage you will also be aware of that.

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Steps to follow when organizing a move from NYC to Miami

Organizing a move from NYC to Miami is not as hard as it sounds. But you will need some help. It’s a long way and that’s why you should start right now. There are things you can do before you pack your NYC home. We are talking about decluttering. Sure you won’t feel like doing the extra work but decluttering will make packing much easier so this is the first thing you should do. If you call your friends and family members to help it can be pretty quick. Continue reading “Steps to follow when organizing a move from NYC to Miami”

Budget friendly in-house storage solutions

Running a sustainable household can be difficult and costly. To help you save money, we have budget friendly in-house storage solutions for you. With our storage tips, you can get extra storage in your home and avoid spending money on storage units. 

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Maximize storage space in your garage with these easy steps

Let’s face it, no matter how much space we have, it’s never enough when it comes to storage. Usually, your garage is more of storage than a place where your car is in. From stuff you don’t use anymore to childhood memories, it’s basically a trip down a memory lane. But, even though your garage is crowded with stuff, it doesn’t have to be messy. Following few easy steps, you’ll be able to maximize storage space in your garage and make it spacey, and yet functional.

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How to save space when storing art

Besides the problem of finding the right art pieces, art collectors and lovers always have that one problem: how to save space when storing art? Art pieces can be quite large and bulky, and all of them require some extra space if you want to store them correctly. And this brings another kind of problem: where to find enough space for my art? This and similar question we are going to try to answer in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s store our art! Continue reading “How to save space when storing art”

Tips for finding the right storage in Greenwich Village

Storage units are a great way to save space in your home, while your items are safe and all in one place. However, if you don’t pick the unit right, you may end up with storage too big or too small. Avoid paying more than necessary or cluttering your home when lacking the space with these tips for finding the right storage in Greenwich Village. Keep reading so you can find out more. Continue reading “Tips for finding the right storage in Greenwich Village”

Storing your book collection – how to do it properly?

Books are inspiring, engaging, and educating. They shape our personality and help us grow intellectually. Even as the world becomes more digital by the minute, nothing can compare to that special feeling of coming home from a long day and reading a good, physical book! There’s just something about holding a book in hand, feeling the paper under your fingers as you turn the pages and that new book smell – which makes every book lover dream of having a big home library. Unfortunately, it is not a reality for most. Sometimes your unlimited love for books is opposed by your limited living space. Do not worry, decluttering your home or moving to a smaller space doesn’t mean you need to get rid of books and their sentimental value. Storing your book collection by renting the right storage unit is the best decision to keep them safe and secure. With a few cautionary measures, your books will remain in perfect condition until you need them again. Keep in mind that books are very prone to staining, mildew, and corrosion so they deserve proper and delicate care. Continue reading “Storing your book collection – how to do it properly?”