Top places in Virginia for NYC retirees

Nowadays, a great number of people who are retired are leaving New York City for Virginia. Obviously, most people want to spend their golden years away from big crowds, noise, and traffic. And Virginia can offer very nice locations for senior citizens that are safe and that at the same time are not boring. Here, you will read something more about the best places in Virginia for NYC retirees. Continue reading “Top places in Virginia for NYC retirees”

Senior’s guide to moving from NYC to Philadelphia

Moving from NYC to Philadelphia can be pretty difficult for seniors but there are ways to do this easily. We are here to show you how and who can help you out. There are even ways to have a stress-free relocation nowadays. It’s all just a matter of finding the right kind of help. Another thing, moving from NYC to Philadelphia will be a pretty huge change so maybe before you do anything else you can research your new neighborhood. It will be pretty different from your old one but on the plus side, everything will be much cheaper. The difference in prices will be notable right away and we are not just talking about real estate prices. Your wallet will be most grateful. Continue reading “Senior’s guide to moving from NYC to Philadelphia”

Senior New Yorkers love moving to Maine: here’s why

Senior New Yorkers usually decide to move away after retirement. New York is an amazing place but it’s simply way too loud and in a hurry for seniors. This is a great place for young professionals but when people retire it’s their time to relax and enjoy themselves. It’s becoming a real trend for New Yorkers to opt for moving to Maine after retirement and we will explore some of the reasons. Continue reading “Senior New Yorkers love moving to Maine: here’s why”