How to organize a move from LA to NYC in just two weeks

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How to pack clothes and shoes for moving?

packing is the most tedious task when moving. It takes up a lot of time and effort. However, proper packing is critical for the protection of your stuff. And while many think that knowing how to pack clothes and shoes for moving is not that important the reality is different. Yes, these items are harder to damage during transport, but packing them properly is still important. It will make the process easier and more organized. So, there are certain tips to follow for long-distance as well as local moves.  There are also tips and tricks to make it faster and easier. So let’s dive deeper into this issue.

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Common concerns families have during Seattle to NYC move

Organizing a family relocation from Seattle to New York City is not something simple, easy, and stress-free. On the contrary, moving to the Big Apple can be exhausting for most parents. For this reason, here you can find some common concerns families have during Seattle to NYC move.

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Best places in Pennsylvania according to senior New Yorkers

It is not a rare fact that people who are about to retiree are looking for a new place for living. This is a common situation when it comes to seniors from New York. A lot of seniors from this place are looking for some of the best places in Pennsylvania where they can settle in with ease and spend their retirement days in a peaceful and quiet way. If you are looking to find out more about these places, we are here to help you. On the other hand, remember that you can use tips and tricks when preparing for a move and make the entire process easier. Continue reading “Best places in Pennsylvania according to senior New Yorkers”

Best Manhattan neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs

When considering your business location in NYC it seems clear that Manhattan is your top choice. This borough is the hub and hotspot for all of this city’s business and financial activity and the US. It offers a lot of business opportunities for young businessmen. Therefore it should be your top choice. But when settling down here you should explore and choose among the best Manhattan neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs. However, you should be careful and look for the one that will suit your particular business needs. To start your research here is a short analysis of the neighborhoods to consider.

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Most affordable Manhattan neighborhoods for first-time home buyers

One of the many life milestones that can seem difficult to accomplish is buying your first house. Especially if you are planning to buy in New York. For the majority of us, realizing that goal requires years of saving and investing. For a select few, a high-paying job or a gift helps us get there. But the market in New York City can be stressful for everyone. So, having the information on where are the most affordable Manhattan neighborhoods will save you a lot of time and nerves. From there you can add style to your apartment. Which will give it a more homey vibe. Not to mention, your personal touch to your first home. You will not have to buy many things to achieve this.

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Top-rated places for suburban living near NYC

Living in NYC can be amazing. Living near NYC can be even better. NYC is an amazing city, full of opportunities and we all love it. With that being said we have to mention the downsides of living in this city. It can be hectic, and noisy, the traffic can be a nightmare, and let’s not even start with the prices. All of that can be avoided easily. You just need to move to some of the amazing suburban areas near NYC. That way you get the best of both worlds. Also, the air is less polluted as soon as you move from the big cities. So, today we will be exploring those suburban places and maybe you will find your new home there. Once the time comes to move we can show you who can help you to start your new life easily. Continue reading “Top-rated places for suburban living near NYC”

Challenges to prepare for when moving from Austin to NYC with kids

Planning a relocation can often be overwhelming. And when you have kids to take care of, it can get even more difficult. That is the reason why you need to be prepared for every step that you will have to go through. If not, you can face many difficulties and your entire relocation might not be successful. There will be many challenges to prepare for when moving with the youngster, and the sooner you accept this, the sooner you will be ready for the relocation. Be aware that this won’t be the only challenge in the process. There are also differences to prepare for when it comes to moving from Austin to NYC with kids. Get ready, plenty of obligations are waiting for you in these following weeks.

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Why NYC millennials are moving to Manchester, NH

Millennials who live in NYC have a lot of opportunities and great chances to experience. Simply, NYC offers different types of opportunities. For instance, you can find top places to eat in Soho, NYC. However, on the other side, NYC millennials are moving out of NYC and they are choosing some other place to start over. In most cases, they are moving to Manchester, NH. This amazing city in New Hampshire has a lot of things to offer and experience. For millennials, this city is suitable for starting over and be sure that adapting to this amazing place will not be a problem at all. So, let us present to you all things that you should know about living in this city. Continue reading “Why NYC millennials are moving to Manchester, NH”

Guide to moving from LA to NYC in 2022

If you are planning to move from the East to the West coast, you are in the right spot. Coast-to-coast moves come with many potential problems that you should be aware of, but they can easily be avoided. Being prepared will make your move much quicker, easier, and less stressful. To help you, our experts from Moving and Storage NYC prepared this guide on moving from LA to NYC in 2022! Continue reading “Guide to moving from LA to NYC in 2022”