Budget friendly in-house storage solutions

Running a sustainable household can be difficult and costly. To help you save money, we have budget friendly in-house storage solutions for you. With our storage tips, you can get extra storage in your home and avoid spending money on storage units. 

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Creative ideas for storing your bicycle

Sometimes the distance to work can be close to 20 km just one way. But this doesn`t mean that the modern man nowadays is not using it as means of transportation. Especially during these pandemic times where the gyms are most of the time closed, combining aerobic exercises with the necessity of getting to work first thing in the morning can really work wonders for you. Here are some creative ideas for storing your bicycle, in case you don`t own a car and you are depending on it every day.

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Maximize storage space in your garage with these easy steps

Let’s face it, no matter how much space we have, it’s never enough when it comes to storage. Usually, your garage is more of storage than a place where your car is in. From stuff you don’t use anymore to childhood memories, it’s basically a trip down a memory lane. But, even though your garage is crowded with stuff, it doesn’t have to be messy. Following few easy steps, you’ll be able to maximize storage space in your garage and make it spacey, and yet functional.

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