Sick of commuting? Move from NJ to NYC

If you’re sick of commuting and want to move from NJ to NYC, here are some tips you can use. New Jersey and New York are similar neighborly states. Yet, big differences between them exist. So, consider them and weigh the pros and cons of moving from NJ to New York when you are planning a move. Good research is always essential before big decisions. Here are the main differences between these states and tips to use for a smooth relocation.

The differences

Moving to a different state means changes. So, before you hire moving professionals like All Season Movers to help you relocate, here’s what you can expect to be different.

  • The taxes. The prices in NY can be high, but the taxes aren’t. New Jersey, has the highest taxes in the US. An average property tax of 2.19 percent is high compared to NY. But, income and resident taxes are much higher in NY. Therefore, it kinda evens out.
  • Commute. If you’re sick of commuting, moving to NY is the best decision. In New York, you simply hop onto the subway and you’ll get to work quickly. But, you should know that there is no need for a car in NYC. Mostly, it’s because you’ll have a hard time finding a parking spot. 
  • Housing expenses. Finding affordable housing in NY is a tough task comparing to NY. But, it’s not impossible. Just prepare to lower your expectation.
New York Street - Move from NJ to NYC
Move from NJ to NYC if you had enough of commuting.

Tips for the stress-free move from NJ to NYC

Move from NJ to NYC will require a lot of planning. Therefore, the sooner you start, the more organized your move will be. These are some tips you should use to make moving easier.

  • Create a moving checklist. You can easily forget some important tasks. But, when you put those tasks in writing, like a checklist, you’ll be organized and on track. Your other option is to hire experts to create a plan and perform it.
  • Set up a moving budget. Know how much money you can spend when moving from NJ to NYC.
  • Choose the perfect NY neighborhood and look for a new home. 

Hire movers for your move from NJ to NYC

Hiring movers is optional, but it’s the best way to have a stress-free move from NJ to NYC. They will ensure that your belongings are transported to the new address with the utmost care. So, avoid these common mistakes when moving from NJ to NYC and hire movers. Put your relocation in their capable hands and experience a much easier move.

Help Finger
Hire movers to help you relocate from NJ to NYC.

Is moving the right choice for you?

When you are sick of NJ commuting and want to move to NYC, do your research, and see if NYC is the place where for you. But, be realistic. If you can’t afford life in NYC, then this may not be the right time to move here. But, if you can maintain the current quality of life after moving to NY, then moving might be a step in the right direction.

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