Shipping goods from Jeddah to New York during the COVID-19 pandemic

Anyone considering shipping goods from Jeddah to New York should also consider the current situation. The ongoing pandemic is affecting markets on a global level, causing additional transportation difficulties overall. Depending on the type of your needs and the number of goods, you can still make use of freights. Some might be more convenient than others since countries around the world are making their regulations stricter. However, good companies are doing their best to meet the needs of their customers and adjust to the following situation and different scenarios.

Shipping goods from Jeddah to New York

First and foremost, finding a good company should be your first step. Albeit the situation is complicated, the company you are looking for should be reputable and reliable. In Jeddah, that shouldn’t be a problem. You can browse, the website of one of the widely known companies, that can easily deal with shipping despite the circumstances. But, before you reach out to companies like that, you need to prepare.

You have to prepare in advance

With no clear sign of when the pandemic will end, freight companies and state governments are taking required countermeasures.  To ensure continuous shipping of goods, and mitigate the negative effect on economies, many regulations are introduced or enhanced. In essence, you need to perfectly prepare your documentation and arm yourself with additional patience. Usually, when you hire a shipping company, they will answer all your questions and introduce you to the process. But, that’s not stopping you to do your own research in advance. Some documents might require more time to obtain than you originally plan. And, you might need to consider some storage options in NY.

Explore international shipping services

While many companies around the world went to bankruptcy, those that remain are doing their best to deliver. This means that you will have several additional options to choose from when searching for a service. Usually, companies Jeddah offers quality cargo services for you to choose from, like:

  • DTD – door to door service, a complete delivery service.
  • DTP – door to port service, delivery to the destination port in New York.
  • PTD – port to door service, delivery from Jeddah port to the final destination.

Obviously, when shipping goods from Jeddah to New York, there are two ways to do it. Airfreight and Ocean freight are the best solutions because the shipping is intercontinental. However, they are differently affected by the pandemic situation.

Airfreight situation

Because of the nature of the virus, airfreight was initially more affected by the crisis. With international flight restrictions came a temporary blockade of airfreight in some countries. Fortunately, the situation is much better now so you can expect to ship your goods to New York without significant trouble. Although, you can expect to face some delays, especially if you are relocating. At the moment, it takes more time to deliver because of the limited personnel and more strict measures.

An airplane flying off.
Airfreight is currently the fastest way to ship goods.

Ocean freight situation

Like always, ocean freight remains a more economical solution to ship goods from Jeddah. It is slower than with planes but the costs are more appealing. It is even slower now when the majority of world shipping companies have to deal with exceptional circumstances. Surprisingly, waiting time in Jeddah is decreasing by almost 20%. However, Saudi Arabia shipping companies were always among the best in the world, so their efficiency is absolutely in place.

Ocean freight delivering goods.
Ocean freight might be slower, but it’s the cheaper option for shipping.

Overall, shipping goods from Jeddah to New York is still efficient and relatively affordable despite the crisis. You can still find efficient companies that manage to do it the right way, in general. Even though many are facing difficulties, they were able to quickly adjust to the situation, to our fortune.

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