Senior’s guide to moving from NYC to Philadelphia

Moving from NYC to Philadelphia can be pretty difficult for seniors but there are ways to do this easily. We are here to show you how and who can help you out. There are even ways to have a stress-free relocation nowadays. It’s all just a matter of finding the right kind of help. Another thing, moving from NYC to Philadelphia will be a pretty huge change so maybe before you do anything else you can research your new neighborhood. It will be pretty different from your old one but on the plus side, everything will be much cheaper. The difference in prices will be notable right away and we are not just talking about real estate prices. Your wallet will be most grateful.

Do you like using modern technology?

Some seniors are pretty techy and some would like to avoid modern technology at call costs. If you like to use gadgets and if you have a smartphone you can make it to be your ally now. There are apps available that are dedicated to helping you with your relocation. All you need to do is go to your play or app store and find moving apps. Most of them will be free and you will some things that can help you now like reminders and such. If you don’t want to deal with this, it’s okay this is not necessary to have a good moving experience. It’s hard to say goodbye to your old apartment but there are apps that can help you to deal with it – keep reading we will talk more about that.

grandma and her granddaughter searching the internet on a mobile phone to find apps that will make moving from NYC to Philadelphia easy and hassle-free.
Phones are very helpful nowadays.

The right kind of help

Surely you can call some friends or relatives to help you out when moving from NYC to Philadephia but doing any kind of heavy lifting without proper training can be dangerous. Now that you are more mature you know that you need to spare your back. That’s why it is wise to call professionals to help you. Even if you have a moving truck and transportation. Movers nowadays have all sorts of services. They can even offer you labor-only services. This means that the transportation is yours but you can leave the heavy lifting to experts which is a great solution. Or they can do everything for you if you wish. Starting from packing you and pretty much everything you can think of that involves moving.

Senior relocation

Every reputable moving company like has something called “senior relocation”. That means they have the equipment necessary to handle even seniors that are not mobile. If this is your case or you have any either difficulty all you need to call them and let them know so they can accommodate you the best they can.

A professional mover standing by a moving van.
Movers will make everything quick and easy.

Packing tips

If you are hiring professional movers to do the packing for you then you can simply skip this part but if you are doing this by yourself here are some things that will help you to do this easily :

  • declutter your old place before you start packing in order to make packing easier – getting rid of junk, things you no longer want or need will make everything easier and you will feel much better (you can call friends to help you with this one)
  • sort everything by room because packing by room makes unpacking later on much easier
  • put on a list everything you need (we are talking about packing materials like moving boxes, bubble wrap, and such), and then go shopping
  • research plastic bins – you can rent them and they are a better alternative to moving boxes
  • prepare and separately pack fragile and easily breakable items
  • separately prepare one bag that will contain all the necessities for the road
  • when packing every room start packing from the smallest objects and work your way up

Those were some of the tips we believe will be very helpful. Here is a bonus one – find a labeling system that works for you and label all moving boxes. This will also make unpacking much easier.

Moving day

It’s not an easy thing to organize a move. You also need to prepare mentally. Try to sleep as much as you can before. That will make you feel better and calmer. Avoid any dangerous activities and don’t rush everything. Rushing can only lead to injuries and problems. You have the time, you can do this. Just make sure that you have your “moving day” bag with all necessities with you all the time.

Adapting to Philadelphia

You will encounter many differences but many of them will be good. Before you can start exploring your new home you need to unpack and settle in. If you need help you can always call local movers (we showed you the best ones) and see how they can assist you. Chances are they can unpack you quickly and then you can start exploring your neighborhood. If you used all the tips we gave you for packing – unpacking won’t be so hard. If you haven’t, well then movers can do this for you.

Philadelphia skyline
Philadelphia has a lot to offer you.

If you are feeling homesick

It’s natural to miss NYC. After all, this is one of the most amazing places in the world, especially for the people who lived their whole life there. They will have a hard time adjusting to any other place but as you know time has its way of settling things. After moving from NYC to Philadelphia, start meeting your new neighbors, and explore everything that Philadelphia has to offer you. That will make a huge difference. Try to make your home feel like your old place and give yourself some time to adjust. Pretty much everybody feels this way when they make such a drastic change and it takes some time to get used to everything.

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