Senior New Yorkers love moving to Maine: here’s why

Senior New Yorkers usually decide to move away after retirement. New York is an amazing place but it’s simply way too loud and in a hurry for seniors. This is a great place for young professionals but when people retire it’s their time to relax and enjoy themselves. It’s becoming a real trend for New Yorkers to opt for moving to Maine after retirement and we will explore some of the reasons.

Why are senior New Yorkers moving to Maine?

Leaving New York is not easy. But there is a lot Maine can offer you. Prices of property are one of the reasons. To be exact, the prices of property in rural areas are very inexpensive and people like that fact. Many people want to save money now that they have limited resources. Those beautiful beach towns that Maine has are also part of the reason. Costs of living are also pretty reasonable which is an important factor of course. Cities in Maine are known to be safe according to the FBI crime rates. Their art scene is amazing and there is so much to do and see. Also, the food there is amazing!

Scenery as one of the reasons why seniors are moving to Maine.
Maine also has a very beautiful nature and scenery.

Moving to Maine

If you plan on moving to Maine you should consider professional movers like Preferred Movers to help you out. There is no need to deal with all that heavy lifting on your own, not while there are people who can help you out with all those boring chores.


They can provide you with any type of help you may need. They have a variety of additional services like packing, unpacking, storage, and others to offer to you in order to make this relocation easier for you.

professional movers loading a moving truck prior to moving to Maine.
Movers can help you to relocate quickly and stress-free.

Living in Maine

Senior New Yorkers usually research Maine a lot before relocating which is always a smart move. We already talked about safety, but did you know that Maine has some of the lowest crime rates in the nation? If you add a low housing situation along with a growing senior population you get a perfect state for retirement. After a whole life spent in NY hassle low population density that Maine can offer you will be the best news!

The best cities for retirement in Maine

Choosing a new city for relocation can be hard and you need to invest a lot of time and research in order to pick the best place for your retirement. Here is a list of some good choices other people picked for retirement :

  • Ellsworth.
  • Caribou
  • Kennebunk
  • Rockland
  • Orono
  • Old Orchard Beach
  • Bath
  • Topsham

Those are just some of the top pics, there is much more this state has to offer and of course, there are always rural areas if you prefer that kind of life. That can be very calming. Ask your family and closest friends to help you with your decision-making process, they know you the best and will be helpful along the way. Good luck and hopefully soon enough you will be enjoying your new home in Maine.

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