Searching for a vacation home in New Jersey: 5 locations to check out

Imagine having a home that is primarily for recreational purposes. Now imagine that it is located in New Jersey. Do you see yourself in a vacation home in New Jersey? Well, we do see you there! Exactly because of that, we give you five locations you should check out while on the hunt for your new dream vacation home.

Top 5 New Jersey destinations

The places we are going to present to you include:

  • Berkley Heights
  • Edgewater
  • Laidback Lavallette
  • Wildwood
  • Point Pleasant

Once you found your dream place you’ll be able to focus your energy on finding reliable movers to help you out with your move. Remember, good movers are worth their weight in gold!

Our first pick for a vacation home in New Jersey – Berkley Heights

Berkeley Heights Township is one of the suburbs of New York City with a population of 13,310. Located in Union County it is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Also, it offers residents a rural feel and most of the residents own their homes. An abundance of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks make this place really great for planning a vacation home.

Residents tend to have moderate political views, so there is a really low chance that you will come across groups that might ruin your day. Additionally, the public schools in Union County are highly rated. Best of all, teams that operate in this area can help you out if you decide to make this your new vacation home spot.

One of the great benefits of being part of this community is that it rallies together to support one another. Living here can really redefine the word community for you. The people genuinely care about the town and each other. Additionally, the proximity to NYC can be great since you can visit places you might not get a chance otherwise. It really offers a wholesome experience.

Edgewater is a great option for a vacation home in New Jersey

Located on the shores of the Hudson River, this place offers a quiet base for your vacation home near New York City. The dwellings tend to be family-sized and some offer views across the river toward Upper Manhattan. Also located nearby are both the tranquility of Fort Lee Historic Park and the Cuban-inspired cuisine of Union City. Furthermore, you’ll find those iconic visitor attractions in the Big Apple, including Times Square and Central Park. None of them are more than 30-minute away from this place. It is really heaven on earth!

A vacation home in New Jersey can be great!
You’ll finally be able to enjoy the Hudson River!

When you think about it, this is the place you would want to spend your festive season in. One of the reasons why is the proximity to many recreation centers like Sojo Spa Club. Edgewater is a safe community where everyone is welcoming. Best of all, it comes with a dense urban feel, if you like the busy life even when staying in your vacation home in New Jersey. Also, one additional thing we would like to mention – Edgewater is home to deer in the green hills, which is a beautiful sight. Just be sure to follow the tips in the outdoor furniture packing and moving guide and you will be good to go!

A must – Lavallette

Tucked between Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean on the Barnegat Peninsula, Lavallette is a popular pick for fun-loving families. Visitors can enjoy a quiet walk and seaside view from the meandering mile-long boardwalk. Also, they can bask in the sun on the town’s pristine beaches and admire breathtaking sunsets in the bay.

There’s a smoke-free beach and play area, as well as free outdoor movies and treasure hunts in the sand, which is especially great for families. Earn extra brownie points from the kids by letting them loose with a bag of quarters in the arcades of nearby Seaside Heights, you won’t regret it.

A vacation home in New Jersey next to a beach.
Studies show that long walks on the beach reduce stress, try it and prove them right!

The town provides the safety and education that enables a child to remain innocent for a duration longer than most. In addition, the winter here is quiet and you become accustomed to quiet streets, accessibility to stores and restaurants, as well as blinking lights in town. Once summer comes and the streets are so packed, it might get hard to find parking and available reservations for restaurants. Also, almost every house is overflowing with vacationers, so you might meet new, cool and exciting people. What a unique place!

Try Wildwood when searching for a vacation home in New Jersey

Sitting on a barrier island toward the southern tip of the gorgeous Cape May County, this place is best known for its wide, sandy Atlantic beaches. Visitors can enjoy the shops, restaurants, water parks, and amusements along the lengthy Wildwood Boardwalk with the help of the brightly painted Sightseer tram cars. If this doesn’t convince you to make this your new vacation home base, then the next thing might.

A busy calendar of festivals and events throughout the year, including Monster Truck Races and the Irish Fall Festival, really ensures that demand for beach house rentals in Wildwood remains high. That is why you should be quick to grab an opportunity for a vacation home. Just make sure to check everything All Season Movers can do to help you settle in.

A vacation home in New Jersey can come in different sizes and shapes!
Wildwood can be pretty exciting!

Last but not least – Point Pleasant is an excellent choice

Point Pleasant is really an excellent choice when it comes to those of you who crave a slower-paced environment. Low-key dining spots and tiny museums vie for attention around town. Moreover, blissful outdoor time can be enjoyed at the bird-filled Slade Dale Sanctuary and on the uncrowded beaches that dot the shores of the Manasquan River. Of course, if you choose to stay in one of the Point Pleasant vacation rentals, Point Pleasant Beach is all but a short drive away.

Also, if you have the idea of buying a vacation home in New Jersey, you won’t have a problem finding one that suits your needs. Once you decide that this is your new vacation home spot, prepare a floor plan to help your movers. This will ensure that the process will move on as quickly as possible!

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