Safety tips for moving heavy furniture

Moving heavy furniture doesn’t sound dangerous, it only sounds hard to do since it’s heavy. But that is the least of your problems. Back injuries are very common when lifting heavy items. This is the reason why you need to be well prepared before you start lifting. There is a proper and safe way to do this and doing it differently can result in potential harm. This is also a good reason why you should not ask your friends to help you when moving heavy furniture. You do not want them to be harmed.

The proper way

It is very important to settle the weight correctly. Otherwise, you risk hurting your back severely. Generally, you should always try to carry items closer to your body. When carrying heavy furniture this way, close to your body and not away from it, you decrease the chances of an injury to a minimum. If you are moving furniture to storage make sure to find some useful tips for preparing furniture for a storage unit.

A professional mover lifting furniture
Now, let’s see who can help you with this.

The proper help

The only completely certain way to avoid any potential injury is to let others do this task for you. We are not suggesting just about anybody do this. The safest way to do this is to hire professional movers. They are trained to do the heavy lifting properly and besides that, they have years of experience. Prepare your questions for movers when you start interviewing them.

Additional tips for moving heavy furniture

You can use towels and cardboard to help you out with lifting furniture. Maybe you can try slipping something underneath your furniture’s legs. That way instead of lifting the piece to do this you can rock your furniture forward or backward slightly to slide the material underneath the legs. This can be an easier way to move furniture across the room.

Proper lifting protocols

  • keeping good posture is crucial
  • squat down and bend at the hips and knees only
  • make sure to keep a wide base of support
  • it’s important to slowly lift by straightening your hips and knees and not involve your back
  • try to hold furniture close to you and at the level of your belly button
A couple moving furniture together
Don’t skip any steps!

If you get injured

This is all just a theory, don’t forget to watch a few videos on lifting heavy items to give you a better picture. In case you get injured even a little bit – go to the doctor right away. It doesn’t mean it’s a big deal but never take chances with your health.

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