Reasons why senior New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey

New York is one of the best states in the country to live in but many would say that it has more cons than it does have pros. The people who state that there are cons to living in New York are mostly senior citizens. This is why the majority of people who live in New York are young people. There are lots of seniors living in NY as well but they seem to be moving away to other states much more suitable for them. One of the states senior New Yorkers are moving to is New Jersey. These states are close to each other and are very similar but those are not the only reasons why senior New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey. If you are interested in just that, here is where you can read all the information you need to know.


One of the first reasons why senior New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey is the fact that it is much more affordable. New York is one of the most expensive states. And this doesn’t just apply to the NYC area. The whole state is quite expensive to live in. But this is not the case with New Jersey.

New Jersey.
New Jersey is more affordable than New York.

It is a much more affordable state when it comes to everything. And as seniors do not usually have loads of money, they decide to relocate somewhere where they can afford to live normally. And as most of them do not want to move far away from where they lived, New Jersey is the best option. If you want to make moving as easy as it can be when moving from NY to NJ as a senior, hiring moving assistance is the best thing to do.

Amazing housing

The second reason why senior New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey is the fact that the housing is amazing there. Not only are the houses big and spacey which makes moving in very easy, but they are very affordable in comparison to New York houses. This is also why millennials are moving here.

New Jersey houses.
Housing in New Jersey is great and reasonably priced.

But remember that no matter how big your home is and where it is located, certified people can jump in and help you out with moving in. Seniors should definitely not be moving without professional moving assistance. Moving is a physically challenging task and you can easily get injured.

Safe towns and neighborhoods

And last but certainly not least is the fact that New Jersey has some great towns. There are both big and small ones. And they are all safe. This creates the perfect surrounding for senior citizens. This is why so many seniors move here. Living in a safe and peaceful place is very important when you are in your elderly years as you shouldn’t expose yourself to stress. This is the perfect place to move to from NYC if you want to get some peace and quiet.

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