Reasons for moving to Brooklyn Heights

So, you plan to relocate somewhere in New York City. Moreover, you heard about Brooklyn Heights and you are considering living in this neighborhood at the moment. However, you are not completely sure that this place is the right location to start a new life. You feel stressed out and you just want to make a final decision. Also, you want it to be the right one. Well, that is why we are here for you. In this text, you will read some excellent reasons for moving to Brooklyn Heights as soon as possible. When you read this, you will have no more doubts about this place. Furthermore, you will start planning your relocation process and packing your stuff immediately. Enjoy!

Small town vibe

If you love a small-town vibe, then Brooklyn Heights can be a great place for you to move. It will give you more space to breathe than Manhattan. In addition, rents in Brooklyn Heights are lower. The same goes for living expenses. Moreover, the nightlife is less pretentious than in Manhattan. When you go out, you do not have to worry about what clothes you have on. The atmosphere is much more relaxing. You can have a great night out with your friends drinking a cheaper beer. In addition, the food in Brooklyn Heights is delicious and diverse. There are many excellent places where you can try very tasty food. Also, there are some great coffee shops and pizzerias that are ideal for spending a relaxing time with family or friends.

A bartender working.
The nightlife is much more relaxing in Brooklyn Heights than in Manhattan.

If you decide to move to Brooklyn Heights, you will have a great view

Moreover, Brooklyn Heights offers beautiful views on the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. If you are on a rooftop in this neighborhood when the night falls, the view will be even more amazing with all the city lights. Furthermore, spending time on rooftops is one more way to have fun with your friends, especially at night.  So, if this is a reason enough for you to relocate to Brooklyn Heights, you should higher a professional moving company. Check out some respectable movers like those at, because experts can turn your relocation into a breeze and a genuine joyful event. Professional assistance indeed does help in these circumstances.

Moving to Brooklyn Heights means having an amazing view on Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge.
Relocating to Brooklyn Heights will bring you the opportunity to see both Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge from rooftops, which is amazing, especially at night.


Importantly, moving to Brooklyn Heights means living in beautiful surroundings. The architecture here is very special. You can see many brownstone rowhouses and a couple of beautifully designed mansions. Many architectural styles are present. Some of them are Victorian Gothic, Classical Revival, Greek Revival, Romanesque, and others. If you find this information appealing, waste no more time and contact your relocation experts in order to move anywhere in this area. Surely, your moving company will make your relocation process much less stressful. They will know exactly what to do and how to finish everything faster. With the right people by your side, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. They will give you all information that you need and take care of everything. Certainly, you will not have to carry your heavy suitcases and moving boxes completely on your own.

Brownstone houses in Brooklyn.
In Brooklyn Heights, you will see many brownstone houses and other very special architectural styles.

Famous people lived in Brooklyn Heights

We have to mention the fact that many famous people lived in Brooklyn Heights. Some may find this information important and one of the main reasons to move here. Namely, Marlyn Monroe, Walt Whitman, and Arthur Miller are some of the most significant names related to this neighborhood. Arthur Miller was a playwright who won the Pulitzer Prize. He created numerous essays, screenplays, fiction, autobiography, and plays. Especially successful were his Broadway hits “Death of A Salesman”, “All My Sons”, “The Crucible” and others. Walt Whitman was a poet, journalist, and essayist. His most famous work is ”Leaves of Grass”. Certainly, these people are icons to this day not only in the United States of America but worldwide. Therefore, living in the same neighborhood where they once lived is extremely important to many people today.

Moving to Brooklyn Heights means having great education opportunities

If you still have not finished your education or you have kids, you will be glad to find out that moving to Brooklyn Heights can be your best decision right now. The reason for this is that it has schools that are really great for children. For example, St. Ann’s School and Packer Collegiate Institute are located here. Moreover, there is a St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights. In addition, you may find important the fact that Brooklyn Law School is also located here. Therefore, if you plan to start a family you can be sure that they will have a proper education in this beautiful neighborhood. According to some statistics, students in Brooklyn Heights are among the most successful and responsible in New York City.

Brooklyn Heights has more green spaces

We have to mention that many apartments in Brooklyn Heights have green spaces on the rooftop or backyard, which is a big plus for this neighborhood in New York City. In addition, parks here are much less crowded than in Manhattan, which is very important to all people who live here, especially the ones who have kids, pets, or simply enjoy spending their free time with their loved ones in green spaces. Moreover, everything is less congested in Brooklyn Heights.

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