Pros and cons of taking your car with you when moving overseas

If you are planning on taking your car with you when moving overseas you should consider all the factors, make pros and cons list, and then you can decide if this is a good option for you. After showing some pros and some cons, we will show you who can help you if you decide to do it. This is a pretty difficult task and you will be needing some help. Luckily we know who can help you out and how it’s done. So, all you need to do now is relax and keep reading.

Pros for taking your car with you when moving overseas

You might need to say goodbye to your old apartment but you don’t have to say goodbye to your car. If you are moving overseas and you have a nice car, you obviously want to take it with you. The better the car, the bigger the chances that you will want it with you in your new state. For people who are driving a lower-budget car, it’s easy to sell and buy a similar one once they relocate. But having a special car is something else. In some places, it’s hard to buy some brands and models, so that can be a factor. If you have one of those cars, then it will be smart and cheaper to simply take it with you. The process is a bit complicated but yet again it’s not that complicated and there are people who can do it for you.

Start writing things down now.

Cons for taking your car with you when moving overseas

You need to know that your car is not the only thing you need to prepare. You also need to pack all your household items and memorabilia. If you own a middle or lower-class car, you should consider selling it and buying something else when you relocate. It will cost quite a bit to ship your car overseas, you will need to involve professionals and there will be a lot of paperwork and logistics. If your car is worth $9000 or more, you should think about moving it with you. If it’s worth less, then it’s too much of a hassle and a waste of your money. To many people owning a car is very special and for many, it is the second most valuable thing next to their home. Yet, others see cars as just a way to move around and don’t want anything flashy. Those cheaper cars have an advantage, you can easily sell them and you can easily find a similar one.

The way of moving your car

There are two ways to do this – by airplane or by ship. As you can probably guess it sending the car by sea is much more affordable but it takes much more time. So the prices are another thing you need to consider and depending on your budget and your wishes you can put this factor under pros or cons. The prices vary a lot depending on the way of transporting, the car itself, time and country. That’s why it’s hard for us to tell you some price. You will need to research this a bit more and check out the process on your own. Or, better yet find people who can do this for you and see what they have to say like

An old timer car on the road.
Even old-timers can be transported you just need the right equipment.

Professional movers

Taking your car with you when moving overseas is such a huge task and you will need help as we already said a few times. When we say help we mean hiring professionals who have the right equipment and knowledge (experience as well). That is the only way to relocate your car stress-free. Pros can simplify the process and make it happen, let them deal with the logistics.

Another thing you need to consider

You need to research brands and locations. For example, Mercedes is considered to be a rare and prestigious brand in the USA or Japan but if you go to Germany then it’s just a car. It’s pretty common to see Mercedes there and it’s not even as expensive as it is in the states. Depending on your research you will be closer to deciding whether you want to bring your car or sell it before you go.

Should you even drive?

This sounds dramatic but if you are moving to the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Japan, or any other country where people are driving on the left side of the road (and drive left-hand vehicles) you should consider not driving at the beginning. It’s very hard to get used to those circumstances and you will need some time to adjust. Especially if you have been driving for decades – this becomes your routine. You don’t even think about it, your reflexes do half of the job and that can be quite problematic. The United Kingdom is the most difficult to get used to but you can handle it if you prepare well.

Moving overseas

Moving to a new town or state can be stressful, and moving to a whole different continent can be really emotional rollercoaster. Not to mention all the planning and work you have ahead of you. That’s why the smartest thing you can do is help yourself and find skilled professionals to help you out. relocating your vehicle is not the only thing that is complicated. You might need help with a few other aspects of this upcoming relocation of yours. Movers can do pretty much everything you need starting from the very beginning like packing for example.

A couple carrying cardboard boxes while packing for relocation.
You have a lot of work ahead of you.

Decision time

Don’t let us or anyone else influence your decision whether taking your car with you when moving overseas is a smart decision or not. It’s completely up to you and surely no matter what you decide will be the best option for you. Good luck!

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