Pros and Cons of moving from NJ to New York

Are you considering leaving NJ for NY? These two states are near each other, but lifestyle is different. Moving from NJ to New York is a big step and that is why you should consider all the factors – good and bad too. Every city in the world has pros and cons, and you should calculate do you have more pluses or minuses. It depends on you and your priorities and lifestyle. New York has a lot to offer, but on the other hand, NJ is better for some things. Before you take this big step and move – research and explore NY. It is near, so it will be a good idea to visit it too.

Pros of moving from NJ to New York

If you want to live in New York, you should first explore it and see what this city can offer you. Moving to NYC is one of the options, but you should also consider other NY cities. Some of the main pros of moving and starting a new life in NY are:

  • Taxes in NJ are very high, and this is why NY is more affordable when it comes to paying taxes. On average, property taxes in NY are 0.72% while in NJ are 2.2% so the difference is not small.
  • A subway system is one of the best in the world and even you cannot drive here, public transportation will take you anywhere you want.
  • Yes, life in NY is expensive, especially housing, but you can find affordable places in NY to move to. You will have a lot of options where to move, it doesn’t have to be Mahtanatan, as one of the most expensive places in the USA.
  • There are more job opportunities in NY than in NJ, and that is one of the main reasons for moving. It is one of the business and economy centers in the world. Besides that, the movie industry, art, tourism are also popular.
  • NY is the winner when it comes to entertainment and nightlife. This is why many tourists from all around the world are coming to NYC to have fun.

There are many moving companies from NJ that are transporting items to NY. At least, you won’t have a problem finding a reliable and reputable mover. Get quality supplies and boxes and pack your household items properly.

Like and dislike - hands.
Explore good and bad things about NY before you move there for good

Cons of moving from NJ to New York

Of course, moving to NY has bad sides too, as any other city has. You must know what are the cons before moving and to be prepared for a different lifestyle.

  • The costs of living in NY are high. When comparing the overall costs of living in NJ and NYC, NJ is more affordable, so if you cannot afford life in NY, cancel a relocation.
  • Commuting in NY is stressful and most people do not own a car because of parking problems. Driving a car in NJ is possible and if you enjoy driving, NY is probably not for you.
  • Housing in NY is, generally speaking, more affordable in NJ. But, it depends where you will live in NY. Even if you move to NYC, housing prices vary from place to place. The Bronx is affordable, while Manhattan is the most expensive.
  • Apartments are usually smaller, plus a lot of people in NY have a roommate, so there are storage problems. One of the solutions is storing your items in the NYC storage unit, so keep only the items you are using every day in your apartment.
  • Strong competition because most people want to try their luck in NY. You have to work hard to succeed in NY and to give your maximum.

How to move to NY with ease?

If you decided to move to NY from NJ, now it is time to start organizing your relocation and to move. What is the safest and best option to relocate your items from state to state? Having relocation across the state border stress-free is possible if you are prepared.

  • Make a moving checklist and create a budget for moving from NJ to New York. Save more money on moving for rent and other bills since NY is not the most affordable state. A moving checklist will help you stay in budget and finish everything on time.
  • Search for a new home in New York and when you find it, grab your chance as soon as possible because homes here are going fast. Hire a local real estate agent and start looking.
  • Start packing on time and try to pack only items you need. Moving too many items to NYC is not the best idea since homes there are small and expensive.
  • Book a moving company because it is easier to transport your belongings with professional help. Call Gibraltar Van Lines if you need a moving crew with experience.
Looking at a map before moving from NJ to New York.
NY and NJ are neighbors but they are 2 different states with a lot of differences


After finishing all those moving preparations, it is time to move and start a new life in NY. Remember that NY is much more than just NYC. Yes, it is the main attraction, but not the only city in NY state. Explore and visit other cities too in New York such as Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester.

A view of NYC.
Think twice before making a big step and changing your life completely

When moving from NJ to New York, try to adjust and meet new people. This will help you feel like part of the community. Besides the disadvantages of living in NY, it has a lot of advantages. Take a paper and write down all the things that bother you and things that you like about NY. This way, you will have a clear picture of living in NY and what it will bring to you and your future. Good luck!

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