Pro moving tips for California families relocating to New York

Relocating from New York can be a shock for many people, but not the ones moving from California. People in California are already used to high prices and overcrowdedness. There will be no shock there so that’s a good thing. New York is a great place and full of opportunities for young professionals, and they usually come with new families, so logically they want o to be near the best schools in the world and NYC is just that! Best opportunities, best schools – you name it New York got it. So here are some helpful tips on how to make this relocation easier for you and your family.

Where to start?

The process of relocation doesn’t start with packing. That part comes later on, the first one is decluttering. If you think that is odd think about all the unnecessary items you have collected over the years and stuff that broke but you never threw out. Also, old toys that kids don’t even play with anymore. All those things need to go before you start packing because there is no reason to bring them with you.

Do this and include your whole family. Let the kids tell you what they don’t use anymore. Some of the stuff you can sell online, some you can donate and some you will throw away (think about recycling too), and that’s the first step for you. This can also be a great bonding game and a trip through a memory lane for you and your spouse so have fun while doing a not-so-fun chore that needs to be done.

Decluttering is always the first step.

Planning and logistics

This is a big part of every relocation. You need to start with preparations as soon as you can. The sooner the better. If you are having a long coast-to-coast road trip you need to make sure that your car is ready for this. Go to mechanics and check it out, also do some things you can on your own to make the car ready ( like washing it, adding some nice car scent, making sure that you have first aid, etc ). It would be nice if you can plan to go on a nice day but if it’s too hot you can always use the ac. The rain will go away surely.

Make sure that you all have all the documentation you need. Go to the doctor’s office to ask for medical history for all your family members. Bring this with you just in case – you are moving to a whole different state after all.


This is a boring part of the process but it needs to be done. Make sure to have all the supplies like good quality moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. You will be needing them. Also, get sharpies – you need to label all the boxes and that’s very important. That way you will be able to unpack easily later on when you don’t even feel like it. If you find packing to be too overwhelming or you have babies and toddlers and simply don’t have enough time to do this one correctly you can call professional movers to help you out. You can always ask specialists to help you and this boring chore will be done in no time.

Relocating to New York starts with packing
Packing can take a long time but if you do it right it will be easy to unpack later on.

Relocating to New York – preparing the kids

If you have newborns you only need to think about their stuff and milk for the road. Babies only need their parents, the rest is simply not important. Toddlers are similar, just try to stick to their routine on the road like give them food at the same time they usually eat and let them have nap time in the time they are used to and they will be just fine. Just bring them their favorite toys and they are good to go. Older ones need some work. You need to prepare them that you are relocating to New York. Try explaining to them that this is a new opportunity and an adventure. That they will meet new friends and show them all the fun things they will be doing in New York. They will need some time to get used to the idea of moving but kids are adaptable and surely they will love NY in no time.

Smaller children don’t really care where they live as long as they are having fun and the parents are around.

Relocating to New York – the help you need is nearby

Sometimes doing everything on your own can be too much. Especially since this is a coast-to-coast relocation which can be tricky. Add small children into that mix and it can get overwhelming easily. That’s why people hire trustworthy movers like JB Movers to help them out. They can do all the hard work and heavy lifting instead of you and that will make this process a lot easier on you. So think about this option. Movers can also provide you with a variety of additional services from packing to additional storage so they can help out with a lot of things.

Moving day

This day is crucial. You need to be prepared for the road too. Bring all the basics like food, snacks, water, juices, spare clothes, wet wipes, gel sanitizer, and other basics for the road. Make sure that you are well-rested too. This is going to be a long day and you will be needing your strength. If you hire movers you will avoid all the heavy lifting and danger of hurting your back so that’s always a piece of good news.

Don’t worry, even if it sounds horrible and hard, this can actually be a fun thing and you will be making some great memories today. Take pictures so you don’t forget, especially if the kids are too small to remember this road trip. Good luck and safe travels.

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