Places in Canada that ex-New Yorkers simply love

Moving from the USA to Canada is a big step. Canada offers a different lifestyle. When New Yorkers move to Canada, one of the first steps is to choose the best location for them. Where New Yorkers are moving to? Where are those places in Canada that ex-New Yorkers like and want to live there?

How to move to Canada from the USA?

And how to be prepared for a new life there? Organizing that process takes time because moving to a different country is not that simple and fast. But, one of the most important factors is to choose the right location for you. Canada is a big country, therefore it has many cities to offer. But, there are some cities that New Yorkers especially love.

River in Canada.
Canada has natural beauties and amazing cities as well

Why people are leaving New York?

Some Canadians are moving to the USA, and they need a guide to living in NYC usually. It is the same situation with New Yorkers in Canada. What are the reasons for leaving the famous NYC and what are the cons of living there?

  • The extreme politicization of everyday life right after you get out of the apartment. Especially now during the pandemic.
  • The costs of living are very, very high. Starting from rent (which is the most expensive in the country), groceries, utilities, transportation, etc. Overall costs of living are not cheap and many people cannot afford life in NYC.
  • Because rent is expensive, people often live in smaller apartments with roommates.
  • Increasingly uncompetitive tax rates.
  • Living in NYC is fast and often chaotic. Places in Canada that ex-New Yorkers love are often slow-paced.
  • Job competition is huge and strong.
  • Traffic is always chaotic and it is impossible to drive a car in NYC. Most people use a subway or a taxi.

Top places in Canada that ex-New Yorkers like

Where to move to Canada if you are coming from New York? Which cities are recommended for ex-New Yorkers? Here are some of those places, but the list is not final. You should explore more.


The largest city in CA – after moving here, you will still feel the vibration of a lively city such as NYC. People from all around the world are coming here, so it is a diverse place just like New York. There are some differences between Toronto and NYC, but on the other hand, they have similarities too.

Toronto as one of the Places in Canada that ex-New Yorkers.
Toronto is one of the options


This city offers world-class education and healthcare facilities. Vancouver is a very friendly city and it has a multicultural environment. The economy and the job market are strong and the city is beautiful, especially the nature around it.


Near Toronto, Ontario, is located, Vaughan. New Yorkers are moving here as well and to move here with ease they usually work with skilled people and the moving process is getting faster. Being in a foreign country is not simple. That is why professionals are there to help you.


Almost 19,000 Americans called Montreal their permanent home, and New Yorkers are there as well. It is one of the places in Canada that ex-New Yorkers simply love because it is big and unique. And it’s easy to find all kinds of services, from packing solutions, storage, and moving services.

Richmond Hill

Ontario is near New York City, that is why this area is so popular among New Yorkers. To relocate to Richmond Hill, which is located also in Ontario, ask for help any time and move with ease.

Pros of living in Canada

On the other hand, why do New Yorkers want to relocate to Canada? What this state has to offer you as a former New Yorker? Some of the reasons why people love to live in Canada are:

  • A stronger job market and more opportunities because NYC is crowded and competition is very strong. The unemployment rate is getting lower and lower every year. Career is one of the main reasons for moving to Canada.
  • The healthcare system is great. It is one of the best healthcare in the world.
  • Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate is low.
  • Social welfare programs are helpful for those in need. The system treats people fairly and equally.
  • Excellent schools, they are highly rated and education system. Both high schools and colleges as well.
  • The nature in Canada is amazing and beautiful. Ocean, mountains, forests, parks, landscapes, lakes, rivers, etc.

Preparing items for relocation

Moving long-distance requires time to prepare. Start packing on time and do not waste your time. Declutter your home and decide what to move and what not to move. You can organize a pre-move garage sale in NYC to get rid of items you do not need and at the same time to earn some money before moving.

There are two main ways to pack – by yourself or by hiring professional packers. Which one you will choose, depends on you, your experience and how much time you have to pack. And of course on a moving budget too.

American passport
After getting all the paperwork done, organize a relocation

How to settle after moving to Canada?

After arriving in Canada it is time to settle in. Find a home in a city where you want to live and hire local movers to help you out with moving in. One of them can be found on and also, you can find a lot of info there.

Look for homes with a local real estate agent

They already know the area better than you. But, on the other hand, research online for homes and learn more about the real estate market. What to expect and what are the prices in the area where you want to live. There are many places in Canada that ex-New Yorkers love, but after all, it depends only on you and your personal feelings. Visit a couple of places and decide which one is the best for you and your family if you are moving with them together.

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