Pennsylvania neighborhoods New Yorkers will love

Living in New York is not always a dream. From time to time, the Big Apple citizens figure out that they don’t see themselves living in such a metropolis anymore, and they decide to change something. One of the popular places they choose to go to is Pennsylvania. Today we will mention several Pennsylvania neighborhoods New Yorkers will love.

1. Fishtown – a magnet for creative people

If you have been wondering why so many people hire moving companies to get them to Fishtown, the answer may be found in the warm-hearted community of this neighborhood. Every new resident who came there pointed out how fast he started feeling home. Enough suburban to offer you a getaway from the big city chaos, but still close enough to enjoy the energy of the city center. With a pretty active lifestyle and various fun activities, it’s hard to be bored in Fishtown. Finally, it’s good to mention this is a family-friendly area, too. The neighborhood is quiet and safe with a lot of beautiful parks.

Crowded Times Square
Let’s forget the crowds.

2. Chesterbrook – one of the Pennsylvania neighborhoods New Yorkers will love

Many would say this is one of the safest places to live in, in the whole Chester district. Just imagine your children playing outside, and you don’t have to worry if something wrong will happen to them. Not a convenience big cities like New York can give. A wonderful environment where everything is available close by, restaurants, parks, supermarkets. The residents are friendly and very welcoming. And, you won’t have any trouble getting relocation help in Chester county either, since service is great in this whole area. What’s more, with some luck you’ll find a nice job in Chesterbrook, too. There are many available places in small and large companies and among local businesses. 

3. Northampton County – in the northeastern part of the USA

A place that has a little bit of everything. A combination of a suburban and urban feel, with some rural tinges. And when we mention living costs, various housing options, and lower taxes, then it is not strange that many New Yorkers decide to hire and move straight to this county. However, affordable living is not the only reason why this Pennsylvanian neighborhood is so popular. Northampton County also offers a high-quality life, a great educational system for your kids on various levels, and excellent recreational programs for everyone.

A woman with her child in a park in one of the Pennsylvania neighborhoods New Yorkers will love
Enjoy your family moments together.

4. Ardmore – originally called “Athensville”

If you are wondering whether it is possible to get rid of the noisy and crowded streets, and not very safe neighborhoods, and still to keep the good sides of urban life- well, yes, it is. Just make up your mind, and prepare your move to Ardmore. A peaceful area with nice and warm people. However, living a quiet life this time doesn’t mean boring. Beautiful nature, parks, unique restaurants, some shops, a music hall, and a swimming pool- a bit of everything for everyone. That is exactly why Ardmore is one of the Pennsylvania neighborhoods New Yorkers will love.

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