NYC vs. LA – what do young entrepreneurs say

If you ask young entrepreneurs which city is the best, they won’t have the answer for you. Those two cities are probably the two most popular cities in the world. They are equally amazing and breathtaking. All the TV shows and movies are about NYC and LA. For a good reason too. But, choosing NYC vs. LA is very difficult. It depends on what kind of lifestyle do you like or what line of work are you in. Saying one or another is better is silly. They are both amazing but also they are very different. The one thing they have in common is prices.

NYC vs. LA prices

As stated before this is something they have in common. Especially when it comes to the prices of real estate. They are really high. The reason is of course high demand. Everybody wants to be here and there are simply not enough houses and apartments for everyone. So this is the reason why buying a house in any of those cities can cost quite a bit. Other prices are high too but don’t worry as paychecks people get there can match those high costs of living.

IT guys

If you ask IT guys to choose NYC vs. LA,  Los Angeles is the place to be. Some of the best companies in the industries started in California. Did you know that Steve Jobs started Apple there from a garage?  Some of the biggest companies have headquarters here so being near them is always smart.

A woman using a laptop while trying to choose NYC vs. LA.
IT crowd is here if you want to be in this line of work you should move here and try your luck.

Real estate, stocks, and financing

Wallstreet is the place to be if you are in this line of work. New York is a great place for young entrepreneurs in this line of work. Also, schools for those lines of work are great here ( Ivy League ).

If you are into fashion

If you are into fashion, then you definitely want to come to New York. This is the most fashionable city in the world. There is an old TV show called “Sex and the City” – the whole tv show was about how fashionable this city is. All the best opportunities in the fashion industry are located here. Vogue is here and even being an intern there can mean the world for your CV. If you are just into shopping, well don’t worry SoHo is here with some of the best fashion brands to help you out.

A street in SoHo
When you say fashion, you immediately think of New York.


If you ask young entrepreneurs what is better NYC vs. LA if you are in this line of work, they will tell you simply – both are great. NYC might be better if you are into the theater and LA might be better for the ones looking to become movie stars. If you just want to live near the movie stars LA might be better but there are a lot of celebrities living in New York.

NYC vs. LA lifestyle differences

If the work is not an important factor for you then check out the weather first. New York can get very cold. LA is a sunny and humid place. Even though both cities are overcrowded, New York is a busier city. After all, it’s called “the city that never sleeps”. Even entertainment and nightclubs are better in NYC. They have more famous restaurants too. But if you prefer chill life on the beach then LA might be better for you. This is something you cant have in NYC that chill beach life.

Los Angeles
LA is better if you want to live near sunny beaches. NYC is better if you like that big city hassle.

Relocating to LA

If you think living in Los Angeles might suit you should start by packing your things. You can hire skilled teams to give you a hand and that way you will move there stress-free. Especially if you are moving your company there too then you will be needing a lot of help. Also, you will be avoiding all that heavy lifting which is always a good thing. Movers can help you with a lot of things like packing or settling in so give them a call and ask for a moving estimate before you start. That way you will be able to plan your budget.

Office moving

If you are moving your office too, you will be needing a lot of help. Of course, movers like are here to help you out. But, you should also hire a lawyer to help you out with all the legal things you need to do since you are moving your business to a whole different state. And one more thing, find office space before anything else because it’s not easy finding just the right office space for a reasonable price in LA.

Starting something new

If you plan on starting a whole new business that is never been seen before then both cities might work nicely for you. They are both open to young people with great ideas. People have started some of the best companies in the world from nothing so with an idea good enough you can do it too.

Moving to New York

If you have plans to move your business to New York you should hire a real estate agent right now. Finding an office space is really hard and it’s also very expensive so planning ahead is the only thing you can do. But beware people are not always very accommodating and friendly in NYC so don’t expect your neighbors to help you out with moving in. Hire professional teams for that purpose.

Choosing the right city

This will be a quite difficult choice for you. You need to do some research. Start with researching your line of work in both cities. Then compare prices. Maybe even consult some young entrepreneurs who are in the same line of work as you are. That can be quite helpful. Good luck and choose wisely, but chances are you won’t regret moving to any one of these two cities.

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