New Yorker’s guide to the coziest cities in Florida

Moving away to some place is not easy as it might seem. You will have to consider plenty of things. And you need to be properly prepared for every step of the moving process. And truth be told, there are many. However, one of the important things that you need to decide on before you even begin with all the challenges to prepare for, is the location. You will have to find the coziest cities in Florida where one New Yorker could find its peace. Different people like different things so it would be better to decide this on your own. But feel free to use this guide, as it may help.

The first of the coziest cities in Florida is Sunny Isles Beach

When it comes to Sunny Isles you should know that this place is one of the best ones to live in the States, not only Florida. So, the most important fact about this suburb is that it has 21,853 inhabitants and is located in Miami-Dade County. For sure, it is a suburb of Miami. The area feels dense and urban and you can find various things to do there. Parks, nature, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are many. There are also a lot of shopping centers if you are more into that. Most of the residents in Sunny Isles Beach tend to be liberal. And most of them are young professionals and retirees.

Now, the median rent in this suburb is $1,633 which is quite acceptable in the beginning. But also the median home value is $347,700 so it can be acceptable as well. Because of that, only by one percent, there are more owners than buyers. If you have kids or you plan on having them, you should know that education here is a high-quality one. There are many excellent schools, both private and public. This is quite a safe suburb and you will definitely feel safe and cozy living here. It is up to you to decide. If you like what you have just read, know that specialists from the area aka Sunny Isles Beach movers would be more than happy to help you out with moving in.

Small port in one of the coziest cities in Florida.
When you are looking for the coziest cities in Florida list them according to your own liking.

Another place you would probably like is Nocatee

When it comes to the coziest cities in the Sunshine State, you have to consider Nocatee as one of the options. This place has the overall highest grade for everything. So, many people in Florida that are seeking a cozy life end up living here. The population is not that high, however. There are only 16,914 inhabitants which is perfect if you want your own peace. Here, the area is a sparse suburban and most of the residents tend to be conservative. There are also many schools that offer quality education. And, you will be able to enjoy many different parks. Most people own their homes, but you are not obligated to do the same. However, many people forget this when calculating their budget so be aware of it.

Palm Valley is also one of the coziest cities in Florida

When it comes to Palm Valley there are not many differences you should be aware of. It reminds people of the Nocatee by appearance. However, here are some basic facts about this place. So, there are 20,540 inhabitants and most of them are retirees that tend to be conservative. This is a great place to live in when you get retired. It is a suburb of Jacksonville located in St. Johns County. And it is also on the list of the best places to live in Florida. The area feels sparse suburban and most of the residents own their homes. The median home value is $492,200 which is quite a lot. So at first, you can rent one, and the median rent is $1,429. If you like this place, get reliable professionals likes those behind Pro Movers Miami to relocate you there as soon as possible.

Bridge in Florida.
Florida has many hidden gems, so find them.

Remember to check out Westchase as well

Moving on to Tampa there is another one of the coziest cities in Florida. Well, not a city but rather another suburb. And this time we are talking about Westchase. As you know, it is a suburb of Tampa, located in Hillsborough County. There are 23,336 inhabitants and they are mostly young professionals that have moderate political views. So this is quite different from than other options above. There are some of the trendiest neighborhoods located in this suburb. And it is not a wonder since the area feels dense and suburban. Also, most of the residents are owners of homes, but once again, it is your call to make.

Last but not least, Pinecrest is another one of the coziest cities in the Sunshine State

Now, one of the last places you should take a look at is Pinecrest. This place is a suburb of Miami and it is located in Miami-Dade County. There are only 19,183 inhabitants and you will have your freedom there. The area feels dense and suburban and most of the residents own their homes. Also, it is good to know that most residents are young professionals and they tend to lean liberal. There are plenty of great schools if you have children or you plan on having them. For sure you will be able to find many coffee shops and restaurants, but don’t forget that Miami is just around the corner. And in Miami you have everything.

Beautiful family home with a garden.
Now that you know the city, you can find your future home.

First decide, then proceed to move

Before you hop on and think about purchasing a home and scheduling a moving date, there is one thing. You need to be sure of your decision. There are many places you can choose from. But try to pick one of the coziest cities in Florida that we mentioned above. You won’t regret it and you will be able to continue living a decent life there. That’s for sure.

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