New Yorker’s guide to Illinois

Certainly, New York is a wonderful place. Many people from all around the world dream of living in some of New York’s boroughs. On the other hand, people who have lived in New York for a long time sometimes find this city unbearable to live in. There are many reasons why is that. Some people find NY too expensive, which is undoubtedly true. Some people don’t enjoy the hectic and fast-paced atmosphere of New York. Whatever your reasons are, you should know that Illinois is one of the most popular destinations for ex-New Yorkers. So, welcome to New Yorker’s guide to Illinois! Last time we have explored the best Saudi Arabia cities for New Yorkers. Today we are going to explore something closer to home.

Chicago is an interesting choice.

Chicago, next to New York and LA, is one of the staple cities of the US. When people from outside of the US think about the US, they usually think about those three cities. Chicago is a hugely multicultural city, with countless suburbs. Like in New York, in Chicago you can find anything you ever wanted. From art galleries to fantastic Chicago-style pizzas, Chicago has a lot to offer. Sometimes, the same pizza style can get boring!

Panorama of the city proposed by New Yorker's guide to Illinois.
In this New Yorker’s guide to Illinois, we are going to explore why people leave NYC for Illinois.

So, if you want to move to Chicago, you have to join forces with professionals. Moving belongings from state to state can be too tiresome, and this is why you should always work with professionals. Imagine having to carry furniture down your New York apartment to another state, and moving it to your Chicago apartment in one go. This isn’t feasible.

Maybe you should consider living somewhere outside of Chicago

New Yorkers who move usually don’t want to experience the similar atmosphere of a giant city. However, people who have lived in such places are not ready to lose all the benefits such cities have to offer. Also, living outside the main city is usually cheaper and homes are more affordable.

Furniture covered with sheets for the move.
Moving large items such as furniture isn’t feasible without professional help.

One of the most interesting places near Chicago is certainly Evanston. A relatively small city with a population of between 70 thousand and 80 thousand, Evanston is perfect for anyone who wants to be close to Chicago, while avoiding the hectic atmosphere of such a huge city. You should know that locals are at your disposal if you ever decide to move from Chicago to Evanston. 

Chicago is one of the best places for New Yorkers

So, where should you go if you want to move from NYC? Illinois is certainly one of the best states for New Yorkers. Similarities are not that stark, and you can quickly adapt to the way of life. In the end, it all depends on what you want and what you can afford, and Illinois is certainly a good starting place.

We hope that you found our New Yorker’s guide to Illinois useful! See you next time!

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