Moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City – the ultimate guide

Commercial moves are challenging for various reasons. Even the shortest move includes more than one person, a lot of paperwork, careful packing, and transport, etc. That’s why a business move needs to be planned to detail, in order to be safe and easy. Here we deliver some useful tips on moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City. Everything you wanted to know about commercial moves, common issues, and best planning tips. Let’s start.

The goals of moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City

Before you start packing and working on your move, you need to define clear goals of this relocation. This way you’ll know what would be the focus of your plan and how to deal with common challenges. So, when relocating a business, you need to focus on:

These are some main things you should strive to when planning the relocation of your offices. And when it comes to the plan, it should be one of the first tasks your moving process. Dedicate some time to making a solid plan, a checklist of moving tasks you need to accomplish before the moving day arrives. This list will be very useful when tracking your progress and help you don’t forget something when you become busier as the big day approaches.

An open shop after moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City
Starting fresh with the minimum downtime should be the goal of moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City

What are the items you’re moving to NYC?

To plan all the other steps of your commercial move, you need to know what exactly are you moving to New York City. Take a look at your offices or other areas and make an inventory list. This will help you estimate the moving costs, plan the new business space, and buy enough packing materials. Also, this is the perfect chance to think about what are the electronics or furniture you won’t be moving. These you can recycle or even sell. Sometimes, replacing old items with new ones after your move is the best idea – you’ll save on moving costs, and get new furniture pieces or electronics.

Bonus tip: As you’re going through your items, start the decluttering process. You can do it on your own, or ask the employees to declutter their own desks/offices. Removing items you no longer need will give you a clear idea of what needs to be moved to NYC and how much space you have left. And for all the items you don’t want to get rid of, but also can’t put them in your new business space – find a safe storage solution.

Let people know you’re moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City

One of the earliest steps in the moving process should be letting people know about the move. The first one should be your employees. They should know about the move as early as possible, so they can decide if they’re moving and prepare for the move themselves, or start looking for another job. Also, you should talk to your partners, and ask about some recommendations in NYC. And finally, you have your customers/ clients. Use the social networks, signs, and banners to announce the move or tell them in person about the new address. Also, it’s a good idea to give out contact cards with the new address and other details.

a woman showing her team a plan about moving the office
Have a meeting about moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City and let everybody know about the next steps.

Bonus tip: Change of address should be made in the post office, too. Also, don’t forget to update your contact details with any subscriptions, suppliers, etc. Doing this on time will ensure a fresh start in the new place without any delays.

Make a detailed budget

One of the biggest challenges in commercial moves is finances. It’s very easy to spend more than it’s necessary so it’s best to make a spreadsheet of your moving costs and other expenses. Keep track of the financial part of the move so you don’t get into any trouble.

A person making a budget plan for moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City
Making a solid plan for moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City will save you money and reduce the stress.

Hire reliable pros

Moving a business is not something you should trust the first random company that comes your way. Moving business includes a lot of scams and unreliable companies so you should hire someone with a recommendation. Superior Moving & Storage can help you with both moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City, and storing your items securely – if you need storage until you set the business up. Professional moving services come with affordable pricing, so you can be sure you’ll move the business without breaking the bank.

Pack the items properly

Depending on the type of items you’re moving, you’ll need proper packing supplies. Special items such as electronics need to be packed properly, to minimize the risk of damage. If you’re not sure how to pack everything securely, it’s best to use professional packing services, and use units that can easily be transported for your convenience. On the other hand, if you plan on packing your office space on your own, make sure to:

  • get enough packing supplies – you can estimate how much you need after you make the inventory list. Be sure to have enough boxes or other containers, packing protection, heavy-duty tape, scissors, markers, packing peanuts, etc.
  • if you have some special equipment, get proper containers or original moving boxes so the items can be transported without any damage. There are special-purpose moving boxes you can use, as well as boxes of different sizes – adapt the size to the items on your inventory list.
  • pay special attention when packing electronics – these are particularly fragile and sensitive to temperature changes.
  • label the boxes – be sure to label the boxes before loading them onto a moving truck. Write your name and the contents of each box on the lids.
  • compare old and new business space – before moving into a new office or commercial space, be sure to compare it to the old one. This way you can plan where the furniture will go, and make moving your business from Pennsylvania to New York City much faster.

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