Moving to Brooklyn for college

Moving to Brooklyn for college can be an overwhelming and exciting experience. Choosing NYC to go to college is a brave decision that can you can benefit from immensely. First of all, it’s because you are moving to one of the biggest and most dynamic cities in the world. Secondly, it’s because you have the opportunity to get the best education. Also, try to relax with your friends and roommates. Play games, go out for a movie or party. Brooklyn has a lot to offer so use the opportunity to lead a balanced life and have quality time in college. If you make a balance between having fun and enjoying NYC and your studies you can have the best of both worlds and have the experience of your lifetime. So, what is it to know about moving to Brooklyn and studying in NYC?

NYC and Brooklyn

Moving to NYC for college can be a big change especially if you are moving in from a smaller town so it requires timely preparation. The city doesn’t get much bigger than NY so you have to get used to it. Its fast pace of life and dynamics can overwhelm you but the trick is to be calm and approach it wisely. Besides its sheer size, you should also prepare yourself for the diversity of the City. NY is a melting pot of many different nationalities, languages, religions, skin colors, and languages. Prepare yourself and get used to it quickly because it’s not good to confront those differences that you are not used to.

Brooklyn street
Brooklyn has a lot to offer to students coming into NYC

If it’s your first time living alone you will also have to adapt to the changed conditions and fend for yourself. Be prepared to face all of the problems and issues you were sheltered from by your family. This move will be a welcome change that will help you in your maturing process. This change will help you develop and if you do it right you can have a great college experience. But be sure that you will have to accept some things and adapt quickly to survive. Be sure that all your experiences will help you develop and grow, even the bad ones like:

  • Be broke from time to time
  • Your studies will not always go as planned 
  • You will get heartbroken


The experience of moving to Brooklyn and studying in NY can be an unparalleled experience for any you have had. Even if moving locally it will be a huge change and you will have to adapt to it. So, let’s elaborate on some of the aspects of moving to Brooklyn for college.

Get a part-time job

Moving to college for the first time will be a great change. Suddenly you will have to worry about all of the things your parents sheltered you from. It will be difficult especially in terms of money. In the beginning, you will have considerable problems adapting and managing your expenses but after a while, you will learn to manage it. One of the best pieces of advice anyone can give you is to get a part-time job. NYC has many job opportunities that don’t require any special skills and that are perfect for students.

Jobs like waiting tables, parking cars, baby or dog sitting do not pay much but can be a welcome financial injection. They are easily manageable and can be planned around your college responsibilities. These jobs will help you in getting in touch with different people and have new experiences. They are not only helpful for you but also for your parents who are paying for your education and take care of the majority of the finances.

Columbia University
Get quality education and great experience in Brooklyn

Social life

Going to college is not all about studying and attending classes. One of the most important things to making it through college is to make friends, have a social life, and get out. Well, Brooklyn has it all in terms of nightlife, partying, and socializing. It is an urban and vibrant city with a lot of choices. Whether you like, rock, metal, hip-hop, or techno you can find it all. There are even certain neighborhoods that can offer anything you need:

  • Williamsburg is full of bars, coffee shops, and movies
  • Bushwick offers quality nightlife and clubs,
  • Park Slope is slow and quiet if you enjoy relaxation,
  • Red Hook is a place where you can enjoy cocktails

But remember, socialize and enjoy the nightlife but try to make a balance so your studies don’t suffer.

Roommates and living

Moving to Brooklyn for college will also expose you to one additional new experience – roommates. Whether you live in a dorm or rent an apartment you will have to have a roommate. If it is the first time you are living out of your parents’ house this is a big change. Do not worry and stay calm. You have to realize that you have to compromise and be understanding. Don’t argue and lose your temper. Try to have an understanding with your roommates to make the best living arrangements that will suit all. Also, try to get involved in the same activities and interests that you share. Go to the movies or play games together to develop a relationship and get along better.

Photo of a man moving to Brooklyn for college with Brooklyn bridge in the background
Make friends and try to have fun during your studies

Make friends and try to have fun during your studies / Photo of a man in Brooklyn with Brooklyn bridge in the background

Be efficient

Do not burn yourself out quickly. Going to college is not all just about studying. Having no time to relax can be a huge burden both physically and mentally. So, try to be efficient with your time and find a balanced lifestyle. You can’t only attend classes, study, and sleep. Find a way to unwind and relax. Engage in activities that will help you charge your batteries and study better. Get involved in exercising or go to the gym. it will help you disperse all of the negative energy and stress. Or you can join a club and do some other engaging stuff.

A big change ahead

So, moving to college can be stressful and a big change. It is unknown and full of uncertainty. However, it is manageable. You just have to prepare and be flexible. Research more about the opportunities and college experiences that you can have when moving to Brooklyn for college. Take the leap and enjoy college.

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