Moving to a smaller apartment in Queens

Moving is a big change that takes time, effort, and preparation. However, it’s sometimes necessary in order for us to grow and make progress. Moving to a smaller apartment in Queens once you’ve felt the advantages of a spacious home in more prestigious parts of NYC might feel like a downgrade. And, although it certainly has some disadvantages, it can also open many doors for you. You simply need to take a few steps back and try to see the big picture. Here are some things that might open your mind a bit and make you realize what this is going to entail.

Preparation the is key

Planning out your whole move to a smaller apartment in Queens is essential for its success. This doesn’t only entail strictly moving day related things. You’ll also need to take some other factors into consideration so that there aren’t any surprises once you approach your moving day.

The most important things to consider:

  • Your budget
    Before moving to a smaller apartment in Queens, you need to set some limits. The most important limit you’ll determine is how high you’re willing to spend on this endeavor. Keep in mind that your budget should include furnishing as well as any renovation necessities that might come up.
  • The time 
    Another really important thing to look at when moving is how much time you have at your disposal. This doesn’t mean that you have to plan by the hour. However, you might want to make some deadlines for yourself so that it’s easier to be on top of the game.
  • Things can go wrong
    With heterogeneous processes such as moving into a smaller apartment in Queens, you need to expect the unexpected.
The word 'stress' written on a piece of paper in red signifying how stress is a part of moving to a smaller apartment in Queens.
Moving into a small apartment in Queens will be stressful at times. Be prepared for it.

Mental preparation for moving to a smaller apartment in Queens

Preparing for moving to a smaller apartment in Queens will take some time and effort, but it’s not really the hardest thing you’ll have to do. A great deal of your energy should be directed towards preparing yourself for the period that’s before you. There’s a lot that’s going to change once you’ve moved to an apartment in Queens. You’ll be changing not only your living habits inside the apartment but also everything that happens outside of it as well. Whether you’re moving to Queens for a job or some other reason, your surroundings will be different. Make sure that you’re prepared. 

Looking through some guides for neighborhoods in Queens might help open you up to the wonders of this part of NYC and make you realize its beauty. This will surely be of great help if you’re having second thoughts and are missing your previous living location.

Hiring movers before moving to a smaller apartment in Queens

Setting some time aside to find a good company to carry out your move to a smaller apartment in Queens is the best investment you’ll make for this whole move. The safest way to choose trustworthy movers is to get a recommendation from someone you know well. Luckily, New York has many good quality local companies like that are experienced enough to carry out this whole operation. Make sure to go over anything that you deem important.

If you’re insisting on taking on this adventure DIY, that’s okay as well. In this case, it would be smart to make sure that you have some friends or family that can help you with the difficult parts of moving to your new apartment in Queens. Although it’ll seem as if you can do this mostly on your own, there still are some things like relocation of heavy items such as piano or finding suitable storage for your items without professional help, which is nearly impossible without a reliable group of people by your side.


The biggest issue when moving to a smaller apartment for many is getting everything inside it in an orderly fashion. Being used to living in a more spacious place often results in owning a lot of things.

A big storage space that you can use for storing your items while moving to a smaller apartment in Queens.
Relocating to a smaller apartment in Queens will surely entail leaving some items behind. Renting out storage for this purpose is a great idea.

Here are some ways that you can declutter your belongings before having to move to a smaller apartment in Queens:

  • Give away
    Donating your things, at least those that aren’t that important will not only solve your problem but maybe someone else’s as well. There’s a lot of people who might need something you no longer have use for.
  • Make some money
    If you’re in need of some extra cash, there’s always an option of a good old garage sale. Selling your old clothes and furniture is an easy way to make some money quickly.
  • Keep your valuables somewhere else
    Hiring companies like Tik Tok Moving and Storage that have the option of storing your things is really smart. This is especially helpful if you have some bulky items that you need to store someplace safe.

Decorating before moving to a smaller apartment in Queens

Before you’ve moved to your smaller apartment in Queens, you might want to make it as welcoming as you can. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to get used to living there. Luckily, decorating a smaller apartment on a budget is much easier than doing so with a bigger place. This way, you might not have to give up some luxuries.

Handy tricks for saving space

One of the biggest problems with decorating smaller apartments is not having the result looking cramped.

A girl sitting on the floor surrounded by a bunch of boxes that she needs to declutter before she relocated to a smaller apartment in Queens.
Using some tricks to help make your apartment seem larger makes all the difference.

This is easily achievable by a few tricks that you should consider before moving to your smaller apartment in Queens.

  • The brighter the better
    Keeping your walls light-colored as well as your furniture will give off a cleaner vibe while making your apartment looking spacious.
  • Mirrors
    Using big mirrors creates an optical illusion of more open space.
  • Lights
    Lighting makes everything seem bigger and more spacious. Be smart about the placement of your lamps and chandeliers.
  • Keep it minimal
    Don’t overpower your space with things. This is why it’s good you’ve decluttered your belongings before moving to a smaller apartment in Queens.

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