Moving on a short notice: how to handle it like a pro

In a perfect world, you would have plenty of time to plan any move you have to make. Three or four weeks are typically suggested for moving because it is a procedure full of small details and individual work. However, in the real world, both a last-minute relocation and life come at you quickly. Today we will speak about moving on a short notice and how to handle it like a pro.

Take time for logistics

Every task suddenly seems both urgently important and impossible to do due to a short-notice move. Take a deep breath, and make a moving to-do list for yourself. Plan your move a bit ahead, because that will help you. You can start working on anything else as soon as you have the moving logistics under control.

To-do list for moving on a short notice.
Making a to-do list for moving on a short notice can help!

Remember that moving on a short notice can be stressful, so make sure to check in with yourself.

Plan your relocation

Decide what has to be done in the time you have before moving day. Because you’re moving on a short notice, take note of the jobs that need to be completed and list them all together. For instance, you must instantly inform the school where you have children enrolled. Moving on a short notice can be stressful, so for starters check out some quietest neighborhoods in NYC. We know you can handle this move like a pro!


Think outside the box when moving on a short notice

You don’t have much time to waste looking for bubble wrap or scissors when you have to act quickly. Create a packing station to stop that. Gather your moving boxes first. You should prepare the following materials before you begin packing:

  • Scissors and packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Old towels and blankets
  • Markers
  • Stickers with a color code (one color for each room)

Consider the garage, the dining room table, or the guest bedroom as a staging area after collecting all of your supplies.


Hire a moving company

You need between ten to fifteen moving boxes of various sizes to move things from your old home. Remember to pick up a couple of wardrobe boxes so you won’t have to fold every piece of clothing by hand. Buy vacuum bags as well to save some space. When it comes to packing supplies, professionals can help you pack. There is no reason for struggling to move and settle in.


Pack without thinking

Your attention needs to be more to just getting everything in a box and leaving it away. The main objective is to move all of your belongings safely from your old home to your new one, so it’s okay if you can’t pack everything in its proper order.

Family packing when moving on a short notice.
Family can take your stress off when moving on a short notice!

You can also include your family when moving on a short notice. They can also be very helpful and ease off all anxieties that this relocation can bring.

Ask for help when moving on a short notice

Moving is a difficult task, so ask friends or relatives for help when moving on a short notice. In addition to helping you finish the project more quickly, having one or more assistants can help you focus and stay on task. Ask for assistance without hesitation, and make sure to pack furniture that will look good in your new place. They will add some style to your new place!

What to expect after moving on a short notice

When you finish your move on a short notice, you will feel relieved because you’ve finished one of the biggest things in your life. Look forward to your new chapter in a new home with your family, because you can handle this like a pro!

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