Moving from PA to the Big Apple

People from PA tend to move to NYC often. It is pretty close, and New York, being such a gigantic place, can offer many new opportunities to its residents. However many people struggle when moving from PA to NYC for many reasons. Some people don’t know how to organize their relocation, some didn’t decide where in NYC do they want to live, and some just don’t know where to start. Whatever the case is, moving from PA to the Big Apple is a giant step, and that relocation can lead to many wonderful things. So, without further ado, let’s begin our guide on moving from Pennsylvania to New York City.

Decide where in NYC you want to live before your moving from PA to the Big Apple

New York is such a wonderful city with a lot, and we mean it, a lot to offer. Everything you can imagine doing you can do in New York, so it is not a coincidence why people choose to move to NYC. But, since New York is such a gigantic place, that means that you have to decide where exactly in New York you want to relocate. Queens is a good borough. This is why it is important to do some research on New York if you haven’t found a home yet. Also, you need to be honest with yourself and examine just how deep are your pockets. This is why we recommend hiring a real estate agent before you decide to buy a home in New York. A good real estate agent will listen to your needs and wants and will try to find a home that is suitable for you. It can be almost impossible to follow the real estate market in real-time, and this is why it is highly recommendable to hire a real estate agent.

Hire some professionals and inform yourself about moving from PA to the Big Apple

Red telephone.
You should inform yourself about the NYC moving companies.

No interstate moving should be done without professional help. You’ll be stepping into unknown waters and the help of a real moving company will be more than welcome. There are a few good moving companies that can move you from PA to NY, and many of them have a bunch of different moving options. Inform yourself about them, and you can choose which one fits you. Some moving companies even offer junk removal which can come in handy!

Be ready for some downsizing

An enterier of an apartment.
Living in an apartment after you have lived in a house can be a little bit difficult until you adjust.

New York is a densely populated city, and that means that space is previous in New York. Most people in New York live in apartments and they can get quite expensive. That means that you might have to adjust to life in a smaller home. It depends on where have you lived in PA, but moving from a house to an apartment can be hard for some people. This is why you should learn to live with less stuff and in a smaller space. And you should learn how to decorate a small apartment.

Of course, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many suburbs in New York that have large houses, and if you don’t want to downsize, this may be the right choice for you. But that can mean that you’ll have to use your car more often. Everything has its upsides and downsides.

Organize your move properly

After you have found your new New York home, you should organize and plan your move some time in advance. You need to calculate the expected expenses and compare them to your available assets. Also, you have to see how are you going to pack and move your stuff to your new (or old) New York home. So, grab a paper and a pen and start organizing!

Packing process

One of the most important steps in any relocation is the packing process. Your packing process needs to be executed properly if you want to move without trouble to your new New York destination. So, how can you pack for your next big move? Let’s find out!

Organize your stuff

Moving from PA to the Big Apple with a plan and boxes.
Moving from PA to the Big Apple requires you to have a plan.

Before you start packing, it is important to organize your packing process first. You need to write down almost everything you have, and you have to decide if you want to move everything you own to NY. However, we don’t recommend bringing everything you own to your new New York apartment since you’re probably be downsizing. You can hire a storage solution in the meantime if you don’t have a place for all of your stuff.

Get rid of your unnecessary stuff

Getting rid of unnecessary stuff is good for many reasons. One of those reasons is that you are going to pay less for the services of a moving company. Why is that? Most moving companies calculate the cost of transportation by the weight they are going to transport. Also, it may be a perfect time for decluttering. Most houses have clutter, and now is the best time to clean your house and separate the good stuff from the stuff you don’t need. So, is throwing away your stuff into a thrash can only solution? Not at all. There are a few ways in which you can get rid of your stuff, and on some of them, you can even make some money.

One of the best solutions is to sell your stuff. You can always organize a backyard sale, but that can take some time. This is why we recommend selling your stuff through the internet. By selling your stuff through the internet you are going to reach a wider base of customers, and by default, you are going to make more money. Probably. With that money, you can cover some (if not most), of your moving expenses.

The most humane way in which you can get rid of your stuff is to donate them. There are a lot of donation centers in Pennsylvania who are willing to accept some of your stuff. Donation centers are always in need of some toys and clothes. So, is you have some toys or clothes you cannot sell, you can always donate them to a donation center. You’ll make someone happy!

And the third option is simply to throw away your unnecessary stuff. If you have some stuff that you cannot either sell or donate, your only option is to throw them away. Don’t be sad about your stuff. By throwing some of your stuff you are going to save some money.

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