Most popular rural home styles in Virginia

There are many home styles in Virginia to be seen. Just walk down the streets and you will be able to see plenty. Rather than building new homes, it’s becoming popular to renovate old houses. By renovating, newer generations like to keep the outside looking authentic, and inside most like to modernize. That seems like a perfect combination – you get the best of both worlds.

The most popular home styles in Virginia

Rural home styles in Virginia seem to be the biggest hit! Craftsman style seems to be dominating the market in Virginia currently. If you don’t know how they look just look for low-pitched gable (triangular) roofs, overhanging eaves with exposed rafters and beams, heavy, tapered columns, patterned window panes, and of course a covered front porch most commonly with a white picket fence. Craftsman-style homes can be really big but sometimes they can be quite small. If you prefer the small one and have a lot of household items to relocate with you – there is a solution. You can rent storage for your belongings near you. Simply call reliable movers and ask about extra space for your items.

craftsman home style in Virgina that is very popular
This is the most popular rural home style in Virginia.

Bungalow home style

In suburbs and more rural areas, you can see a lot of Bungalow home styles. Those can be pretty modern or quite rustic depending on where you are looking for. If by any chance you are not sure what Bungalow is – it’s a small cottage-type home. It looks quite charming. That must be the reason why it’s so popular. If you have plans to buy this sort of house for you and your family we recommend hiring professional movers to help you relocate afterward. You can easily reach any destination no matter how far away you are from your new home. That’s what movers are for. To help.

Other popular home styles in Virginia

Here is a list of other home styles you can see in Virginia and you might like them. Some of them are quite rustic and some look more modern, it’s up to you to choose:

  • Victorian
  • Georgian
  • Queen Anne
  • Colonial
  • Ranch

Colonial is the most popular home style in the USA generally so of course, it’s popular here as well.

A rural house in Virginia
Choosing the right home style for you and your family might take some time.

How to get a better price for your new house?

We have two tips for you. The first one is to hire a real estate agent to help you get a better price. The second one is to find a fixes-upper and do the work on your own. That way you will get a better price but also you will be able to choose every little detail in your new place. That can be quite fun. Also, it might be time-consuming so there is a lot to consider there. Also, buying during the winter might be better for you if you plan on saving some money and getting a better deal.

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