The ultimate guide to minimizing common roommate issues – NYC edition

Searching for a roommate is not easy, but many people have a roommate in NYC because of expensive rent, so it is not an option. Having a roommate has good and bad sides, of course, and one of the cons is a conflict between roommates, but the good side is that it can be handled. Minimizing common roommate issues won’t be a problem if you are both open for compromises and if you are getting along and respect each other.

What are the common problems roommates have?

  • Being loud and partying
  • Not cleaning
  • Borrowing something and not turning back or taking without asking
  • Not getting along
  • Money problems and bills disagreements
  • Not respecting the privacy

To prepare yourself for this new chapter in life, adjust your expectations, be realistic, and prioritize.

A guide to minimizing common roommate issues.
Be prepared because if you never had a roommate, you may have some problems

Tips for minimizing common roommate issues

To have fewer problems, you should be prepared for living with a roommate. Your moving preparations should involve, not only packing and moving but also, searching for a person (and apartment) in NYC you like.

  • No matter where you are moving, don’t focus just on the apartment, pay attention to a roommate too. Choose a roommate when relocating anywhere in the state of NY and pick someone you like and someone who is responsible. If you are looking for an apartment after a college, for example, pick someone you already know from college.
  • Don’t avoid problems like they don’t exist because, after a while, problems will become bigger and bigger – it is easier to solve them in the beginning.
  • Understand your personal conflict style (and your roommate’s style) and then handle the problems you have with a roommate.
  • Talk face-to-face, not via texts or social media. You don’t need to be best friend with your roommate (and you probably won’t), but communication must be open and often.
  • Be prepared to negotiate and open for compromises. For minimizing common roommate issues don’t be stubborn. Settle your problems peacefully and don’t argue.
  • Define the problem and don’t be general (be specific). Your roommate may not understand what the exact problem is, so in order to solve the problem, be specific and honest.
  • If you are moving locally, and you are familiar with the NYC lifestyle, help your roommate adjust faster. This way you will create a better relationship between you and your roommate.
Buildings in NYC.
Find a good apartment might be helpful in minimizing common roommate issues


If you are already moved to NYC and looking for a roommate, first ask people you know. If you need to move to NYC, search first is anyone looking for a roommate and “sign up”. You probably had a roommate in the college dorm, but it is not the same after college. Now you have to pay the bills and to take care of your home and to be more responsible. Minimizing common roommate issues will make your life easier and less stressful.

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