Major home renovations: how to stay organized and not lose your sanity

Major home renovations are a huge disruption in your everyday life. They introduce chaos in your activities and living space. To be clear, they are something you want and need and they will be worth it in the end but they are tiresome. That being said, to more or less sail through this chaos you will need to be organized and try to keep your sanity. There is no sure way to do that but you can prepare as well as you can for it. So, take steps to minimize the disruption that renovations create and to keep the stress level to the minimum.

Tackling the issue

Some say that renovating can bring you to the brink of insanity. It is stressful, a disruption, messy and usually, it seems to go on forever.  It changes the way you function and takes over your living space. You are not safe from the renovation activity anywhere in your home and if it lasts for a longer period you can get too stressed. So mental preparation is the key to staying in line and sane while the contractors occupy your space.

Model of Workers during major home renovations
Contractors can really occupy your home and cause additional stress

Try to adopt the attitude that it is a temporary situation that will result in a positive change in your home. Once you do so it is easier to handle the process. Besides this also make sure to:

  • Plan in detail and decide quickly
  • Stay within the time frame
  • Manage the zones in your home
  • Move out (if you can)

Plan, plan, plan

The key to having a handle on the renovation is planning. Keep in mind that even a decorating project needs a strict plan and schedule. You want to keep control of the contractors and activities. This can lead to regaining the use of your sooner rather than later. Lack of planning can leave you at the mercy of contractors and make chaos last longer.

Time frame

Know the schedule of the contractors and try to make them stick to it. Make your own schedule according to theirs and make sure that they are on track. Knowing the time frame will make you feel less anxious but prepare to flexible in case of unforeseen delays.

Paint in a bucket
Make sure you contain the mess

Manage the locations

Major home renovations are a messy ordeal and will have your home turned upside down. However, you can make sure that your home is zoned and kept clean and organized. So, designate a zone that will be a storage for your furniture, appliances, and decor that has to be moved. Use a basement or a spare bedroom for this. Also, make sure to contain the mess within the working area. Use plastic sheets to close certain areas of your home to contain dust and debris. It is not entirely possible to keep the dust away but you can take steps to contain it as much as possible.

Move out

If possible you should move out and stay offsite. Moving out and staying away will make you feel less anxious and you can handle your stress with exercise. Staying and living in a mess and debris will only increase your mention and stress you out. If you do this you should try to take some time to exercise and keep your mind of things so you can stay calm.

A man painting a wall
You can always opt to move out during the renovation process

Mayor home renovations are usually a necessity and they can increase our quality of life. However, they create a chaotic environment while they are ongoing and that can complicate our life. You don’t have to lose your mind if you prepare and organize just like this.

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