Living in Prospect Heights – how to become a local?

Moving into a new city or neighborhood is more than just packing and facing homesickness. It’s also about adapting to the new environment and becoming a part of the new community. So, if you are just about to move, or have been living in Prospect Heights for a while – it’s time to take some steps to become a local. What it takes to make yourself feel at home in Prospect Heights and make sure others see you as a local resident. Let’s find out!

Start meeting locals

The essential part of every community is its residents. So, if you want to become a local in Prospect Heights – you need to start acting like one. Communicating with your neighbors, meeting new people and dating will ensure you grow your network of acquaintances and blend in the new community. And even though you’re moving locally, there are some new people to meet in the new neighborhood. And as Prospect Heights has a population of only 17,000 – it won’t be difficult to do so.

While meeting people of Prospect Heights, try to notice the way they act and talk – it will help you acquire some of these habits and start behaving like you’re born there. This is especially important if you’re not from the city, and English is not your native language.

Also, locals can really ease the transition to your new Prospect Heights apartment. Local moving companies know everything about the neighborhood and can help you move with ease.

Prospect Park
Locals love spending time outdoors – Prospect Park is one of the locations!

Don’t act like a tourist when living in Prospect Heights

One of the things locals don’t do – they don’t act like tourists. This means you should start exploring some other places in this neighborhood, rather than just touristy ones. Of course, all of these attractions are great, but try visiting some smaller restaurants, coffee shops, and other places to hang out, which are visited by locals.

A man living in Prospect Heights and taking some phots of his neighborhood.
When living in Prospect Heights – act like a local!

Become familiar with the neighborhood

One of the essentials when moving to a new neighborhood is getting to know the place, and knowing everything about it. So, even before you move here, you can start exploring Prospect Heights online, and then continue after you move. Learning street names, local grocery shops, restaurants but other necessities like pharmacies, gas stations, etc will surely make you feel like true Prospect Height resident. And if a tourist stops you in the street and asks for directions – you’ll be able to tell the way as a true local.

Bonus tip: Before you familiarize yourself with the neighborhood, make sure a local professional helps you move to Prospect Heights. Dynamic Movers are specialized in local moves, and will safely deliver your belongings without any risk of losing or damaging them. A stress-free relocation will help you focus on adapting to the new environment and enjoying your new home.

 Spend time outdoors

NYC residents know well that winters can be very cold here. So, as a true Prospect Height local, you’ll enjoy every minute you can outside in Prospect Park, for example. Spend as much time as possible and soak up the sun before the winter comes.

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