Life-changing hacks shared by professional packers

Packing is one of the most challenging and daunting parts of relocation. But, fortunately, some simple tricks can reduce the stress from the process and provide you peace of mind. Here are life-changing hacks shared by professional packers. Moving is a perfect opportunity to downsize your home in 5 simple steps. So, make sure you do just that before using these hacks. Go through every nook of your home, decide what you’ll be relocating and what you don’t need anymore. Then, prepare each item for transport. Use these life-changing hacks shared by professional packers for a more organized process.

Hacks shared by professional packers – Do not empty dresser drawers and keep clothes on hangers

When packing, you don’t have to empty dresser drawers. Instead, leave your items. Just secure them with plastic wrap or household linens. When it comes to drawers, you can leave them outside of the dresser or keep them inside if they are not heavy to move. This is one of the quick and easy packing tips to get you packed and moved fast.

Moving Boxes - Life-changing hacks shared by professional packers
Use these life-changing hacks shared by professional packers.

Another life-changing hack to try is leaving your clothes on the hangers. There is no need to unhang your clothes, box them up, and then hang them again in your new home. That’s a waste of your time. So, be smart and keep your packing process simpler by leaving clothes on their hangers. You can just protect them by wrapping them in plastic bags.

Protect breakables with linens and socks

You don’t need to spend money and buy extra packing supplies because you can use what you already have in your home. Use linens, shirts, and socks to protect fragile items. These belongings provide great protection. Plus, they are a more economical option than bubble covers. Just secure the linens with rubber bands or ribbon.

Use plastic storage bins

Using storage bins will cost you more than cardboard moving boxes, but they provide some great benefits. They are more spacious, more durable, easier to carry, and reusable. Also, plastic storage bins are usually designed to stack on top of one another. Plus, you can easily tie them down with a bungee cord. So, they are great for moving.

Use bags and suitcases as moving boxes

Suitcases and bags are designed to be moved from place to place. Therefore, there is no reason not to use them during your move. Plus, using them is one of the ultimate space-saving packing tipsIt will save you the time you would spend acquiring, assembling, and securing moving boxes. You need to transport your luggage with you anyway, so why wouldn’t you fill them with some belongings. Suitcases with wheels are great for packing books and make moving these heavy items easier.

Luggage Packing
When packing, use what you already have in your home.

Life-changing hacks shared by professional packers – Pack a bag of essentials

Pack the items you use every day separately, so they’re handy when you need them. These items are a change of clothes for a few days, toiletries, electronics, charging cables, medications, and similar. This way, when you come into the new home, you won’t have to dig through every box to find what you need. Everything you need for a few days will be in one place.

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