Leaving NYC for Seattle: what makes people move across the country

What are the reasons for moving to another state? Why are people leaving NYC for Seattle and what Seattle has to offer them? If you are considering moving and starting a new life, then first you need to be sure about the decision and to organize relocation from start to finish.

Reasons for leaving NYC for Seattle

Ask yourself, should you leave New York City in the current situation and why should you do it? Moving from one state to another, in this case almost 3000 miles is a big step in life. Don’t expect it to be an easy task. But, here are some of the reasons why people want to move across the country:

  • Job opportunities or your company is changing a location and leaving NYC for Seattle
  • Moving because of education
  • Wanting to try something new and challenging
  • Meeting new people and starting a new life
  • Being closer to a family and friends in Seattle
  • Moving to a state with lower costs of living. NYC is very expensive, and all the other cities in the USA are cheaper than NYC
A view of NYC.
Say goodbye to your life in NYC and start something new and fresh in Washington State

If you have strong reasons to relocate, start with moving preparation ASAP. For a cross-country relocation, you should better hire a professional to take care of transportation. One of the options is to rent a storage container and PortaBox Storage Seattle will ship all your items to your new location.

Pros of moving to Seattle

Why people from NYC are choosing Seattle, WA as their future home and why they want to live there. What are the advantages of living in Seattle?

  • Growing industries and a strong job market. Seattle is one of the tech-hubs in the USA and this city had the highest job growth. If pursuing a career, this may be a perfect place for you.
  • Many NYC families living in Washington State are satisfied with a lifestyle here. The nature is amazing, homes are more affordable than homes in NYC, and it is a safe place for raising kids.
  • Other major cities such as Vancouver, Portland are near.
  • Lush greenery and picturesque landscapes are attracting people to come to Seattle. Besides wonderful nature, Seattle is one of the most friendly places in the USA.
A view of Seattle.
Seattle is fun, interesting, and full of business opportunities

When people are moving across the country, transporting items is one of the problems. Also, think about where to store all your belongings after they arrive in Seattle and until you find a home. Luckily, there are a variety of options for extra items and one of the best is renting a storage unit in Seattle, WA.

Each one of us has different reasons for leaving NYC for Seattle, but when you decide to do it, then do it like a pro. Find professional movers for a long-distance relocation, find a home in Seattle, explore the city and know what to expect after moving there.

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