Leaving NYC for Fort Worth: challenges to prepare for

If you didn’t know already, Fort Worth is ranked as one of the best and most livable areas in the entire country. This is why on a daily basis over 200 people relocate to the Fort Worth area. And if you have been thinking about doing the same, you need to be aware that there are some challenges you need to prepare for if you are moving to Texas from another state. And what we have noticed is that plenty of people are leaving NYC for Fort Worth. This is why we decided as a New York City-based moving and storage company to write an article talking about just some of the challenges you need to prepare for when leaving NYC for Fort Worth.

Unpredictable weather

The first thing you need to have in mind when moving from New York City to Fort Worth is that the weather in this area is generally unpredictable. Especially during the autumn and winter months. Finding reliable movers is easy when you are moving from NYC. You can also hire professional packing services.

This happened to a lot of people. And it can make moving last much longer than it was supposed to last. As you lived NYC, you probably got used to unpredictable weather but a completely different kind. Having professional assistance is the best way to prepare for this case scenario but there are other things we believe you should do.

Truck driving through snow.
Having a helping hand is necessary when leaving NYC for Fort Worth during fall or winter.

In case a big rain storm appears while movers are unloading the truck, big chances are that your belongings will get wet from the rain. And it is not something you want to experience. This is why we suggest wrapping all boxes and your furniture in foil if there is a chance of rainfall. This extra step that you will do while you are packing for relocation can save you a lot of trouble.


As a lot of people move to Fort Worth on a daily basis and a lot of people visit it or come to the city every day for work, there is generally traffic around the city and within the city as well. This can make entering the city last quite a while. And if you have moved with professionals before you know that the longer the relocation lasts, the more it costs. And not only will your movers being stuck in traffic cost you money, but it will also make you stressed out. This is why you need to think upfront just when you will be moving to Fort Worth from NYC. If that is when you will be moving, you certainly need to have some professional assistance such as evolutionmovingdfw.com to help you in case a storm comes out of nowhere.

And if you ask us, we would tell you that a good time to move is November. There aren’t plenty of holidays in November. Also, not a lot of people visit the city during this time of the year. If you choose December, be certain that traffic is inevitable because a lot more people visit Fort Worth in December. And if you are able to wait until January, that wouldn’t be a bad time to move as well. Spring is the best time for leaving NYC for Fort Worth because that is when the weather is nice and there isn’t a lot of traffic.

Dallas traffic.
There can be lots of traffic during certain periods of the year.

Earning less but spending less

One of the biggest differences between New York City and Fort Worth is just how much money you need in order to live comfortably. As you have been living in NYC, you know that in order to survive there you truly need a lot of money. Thousands of dollars a month just for your basic needs. But this is not the case with Fort Worth. You do not need that much money at all. This is also why the average pay is much lower than the average pay in New York City. But the pricing of everything is also much lower than it is in New York City. No wonder why NYC seniors prefer this city.

You will certainly have to adjust. Everything is more affordable than you are used to. But that is just one of the benefits of moving to Fort Worth. As this is the case, a lot of New Yorkers end up overspending after moving from such an expensive city to an affordable city. You do not want this to happen. What you want is to be in charge of how much you are spending and what you are spending your money on. Even if you live in a more affordable city now, it is still important. The city offers many perks and one of them is being able to save up a lot of money as everything is more affordable.

Money on the ground.
You need less money to live comfortably in Fort Worth than in NYC.

Meeting new people after leaving NYC for Fort Worth

After you move to Fort Worth from New York City you will certainly crave some company. This will make adjusting to change much easier. This is why we would suggest first getting to know your neighbors. This is the best way to start. And no matter whether you live in a house or an apartment building, there certainly are plenty of people your age living in your surroundings.

There are plenty of places where you can go out and meet new people as well. Fort Worth has plenty of bars and coffee shops where you can spend time in. Clubs and parties are easy to find on the weekends. You can meet people at the library, in a cinema, park, or even bus station. Fort Worth is full of people just like NYC is. This is why meeting people is going to be an easy task after leaving NYC for Fort Worth. Texas is one of the states young people are moving to which is why meeting people of all ages is an easy task.

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