Leaving NYC for Florida: how to pack everything in less than a week

Leaving NYC for Florida can be a great decision. There are many benefits but this is something you already know. You wouldn’t be doing it otherwise. So, we won’t be focusing on benefits. Instead, we will see how we can help you to speed things up. In an ideal world, you will have at least a month or two to pack and prepare but sometimes that is not possible. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to pack in a week or even less. In fact, we know movers who can do it in a day or two. But they are trained professionals. You will need more time obviously.

Start planning

Moving at the last minute can occur for two reasons: in the first case – you didn’t have much warning that relocation was coming up, or you put it off and now it’s almost too late. It’s important to take a moment to relax and get to work if you’re trying to move within a week or less. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve gotten yourself into this predicament by putting things off. Life is hectic, unexpected things will happen, and you just don’t have time to ponder. The time has come to get down to business. You will need some smart packing tips now.

Building a strategy is the first step. This is the first thing you should do if you want to employ movers. If you use one of those moving apps you can locate reliable movers in your neighborhood. The moving company will call you to arrange a time for an in-house estimate, at which point you can choose to hire them. Plan out how you’ll get your stuff to your new place if you’re not hiring movers. If you think you might require a truck, now is the time to make the necessary arrangements. Also, don’t forget to prepare for Florida. This is a whole different state and there are important things to consider.

A couple holding cardboard boxes while packing for leaving NYC for Florida
Now you can start packing.

Pro tip

Before you start packing, declutter your old home as quickly as you can. You don’t have to focus on the details but you already know all the items that no longer work or you don’t use them so get rid of all that and make packing easier.

Moving supplies

Getting all the boxes and packing supplies you need in one fell swoop is essential, as you won’t have time to return to the store. So, plan ahead.  Get an idea of how many boxes you’ll need by starting with our packing calculator. If you’re moving a studio, you’ll need approximately ten to fifteen boxes of varying sizes, a one-bedroom apartment will require about twenty moving boxes of varying sizes, and so on. Don’t forget to pick up a few wardrobe boxes to avoid having to fold all of your clothes by hand. Also, buy some vacuum bags to save some space.

A solid rule of thumb when it comes to packing supplies is to estimate how much you’ll need and then get extra. When moving, it’s important to have basic supplies on hand, such as moving blankets and furniture pads, as well as packing tape and paper. If you are hiring movers like Miami Movers for Less, they will handle everything.

bubble wrap on furniture
Bubble wrap is our favorite packing material.

Don’t focus on details

The ideal relocation involves neatly stacking boxes containing objects that have been clearly labeled. Do not confuse this with that. It’s fine to wing it when moving quickly. After all, the main thing is to get everything from A to B as fast as possible. Place the dishes with the linens and the coffee maker with the cords. As long as everything is packed, it doesn’t matter what happens. Unorganized boxes are fine – boxes full of damaged goods are not. (Do still take sure to securely wrap all of your easily breakable items in packing paper or bubble wrap).

Something to keep in mind

When you have to move in less than a week, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the many things that need to be done. Among these are notifying the post office of your new address and arranging for the disconnect and reconnect of utilities at your old place of residence. There’s a risk you will have to wait a little while to have things like mail forwarded and internet set up if you have to relocate quickly and the schedules don’t quite line up. Make some calls and respectfully ask to speed up these services assuming that you have enough time (you might not, and that’s fine).

a woman writing things down in a notebook.
Writing things down is often a good thing when you are in a hurry. Leaving NYC for Florida in less than a week is quite challenging.

Leaving NYC for Florida in less than a week will be challenging

It’s courteous (and may be required by your lease) to leave your former residence in pristine condition for the next occupants. Moving quickly means you probably won’t have time to give the place a complete cleaning before you leave, so you may want to consider having a service come and do it instead of you. Though it could be inconvenient for somebody to come clean while you’re still there attempting to pack, this would be a huge weight off your shoulders. You can also try to arrange, either on your own or with the help of your landlord to have cleaners come to the property during the time it will be vacant between your move and the new tenant’s move-in.

Relocating in less than a week is challenging, but doable. Manage your time wisely and concentrate on completing tasks you planned ahead. Put your own needs first during this time as well. There is no time for a spa visit, but you should still rest, eat well, and drink enough water. You need to be in peak mental and physical condition. Overall, have an optimistic outlook. This experience will pass and one day you will look back and have a good laugh.

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