Is living in a storage unit legal

People are always searching for new ways to save money and to live comfortably. A lot of people have had an idea to relocate to a storage unit. There are big store units that you can either rent or purchase and then do whatever you want with them. But is living in a storage unit legal at all anywhere? We have heard this question dozens of times hence why we have decided to write a short article on the topic. Here is where you will find some very useful information regarding this topic. So, if this question has been on your mind, here are some things you need to know.

Is living in a storage unit legal?

A very direct and short answer to this question exists. No. Living in a storage unit is not legal. Not only in the United States. This is illegal everywhere. If something like this was legal, lots of people would already be doing so. And we are certain you do not know anybody who is living in one or heard anyone doing so.

Storage units are for storing things and not living.

There are dozens of reasons why this is illegal and prohibited. For starters, it is very unsafe. Storage units aren’t built to be lived in. They are built for storing things. They are not warm at all. Even if you put up air conditioning or heating, it still isn’t a livable place. Your bills would be through the roof as you would need to constantly have heating or cooling switched on.

Even if you own the unit, living in one is illegal

If you have decided to purchase a storage unit or build one, it is still illegal to live in it. Storage units are not made for living in them. They are not as safe as apartments and houses and the law prohibits this. The only people temporarily living in storage units are homeless or very poor people. As there are things to never keep in a storage unit, there is never a time you should be living in one if you do not absolutely have to do so.

Storage unit.
Owning a storage unit means you can do with it whatever you want to but still not live there.

What can you use a storage unit for?

You can of course sleep for a night or a few in the storage unit if you absolutely have to. But living in a storage unit is prohibited. You can turn your storage unit into a home but living there is not what you should be doing. A fun use for a storage unit you do not use as storage can be a game room. You can make it look nice and cozy and have a place where you can hang out with family or friends. Whatever you do, do not move to a storage unit as you can end up in a lot of trouble for doing so.

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