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Maspeth is a community in Queens, NYC founded at the beginning of the 17th century.  If you want to be part of this Queens area, moving here is one of the options you have. But, of course, moving is not easy. Researching and exploring Maspeth will be a big part of the moving process. It is not only about packing and transporting. The best information will come from locals, people that live here a while. If you need a guide to Maspeth, then start your journey from here.

Beginners guide to Maspeth – facts to know

When moving to a new place, exploring it before you settle in will help you adjust faster. Or, if you don’t like anything about that place, you will choose another. What should you know about Maspeth and how to prepare for moving? These are some facts to know:

  • The population of Maspeth is almost 50,000. Talk to the locals and they may give you the best guide to Maspeth and what it’s like to live there.
  • The median home value is $628,000 and the median rent per month is $1,600 and 51% of residents here rent a home. Housing is one of the biggest costs when living here, but much more affordable than in Manhattan, for example. When moving to NYC, research real estate and try to find a roommate if moving by yourself to cut the costs.
  • It is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in NYC, based on economy and ethnicity.
  • Many families with children choose to live here because the public schools are highly rated. 32% of the residents are families with kids. It is safe and it has a calm atmosphere. If you are looking for a family-friendly environment in NYC, this neighborhood is just the place.
  • The median household income is around $72,000.
  • Access to public transportation is easy and you have a lot of options.
  • Be prepared financially for moving to Maspeth or any other neighborhood in NYC. Not only for moving costs but also for a period after moving. Food, utilities, transportation, it is not cheap here. Compared to the last year (2019), prices are higher for 1.5%. The largest increases are for transportation, food, and housing. To save money, move to a smaller apartment in Queens and find ways to cut some of the moving costs.
What facts to know about Maspeth?

How to organize Maspeth relocation?

Moving to New York is most people’s dream, and if it is yours too, then organize it and start a new life. If you have chosen Queens as your future home, Maspeth may be the perfect place. But, before you start a life there, you need to pack and move. How to do it properly, easy, and fast?

Packing smartly

How to pack for moving to NYC?

First of all, you need to pack furniture and other household items. If you know the measurement of a new apartment in Maspeth, then move only the items that can fit in. Keep in mind that the moving costs will mostly depend on the size and weight of your move, so if you want to save money on relocation, don’t move a lot of items. Declutter before packing and move only necessary items. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy new furniture than to relocate your old furniture. It all depends on where are you coming from.

Besides furniture, you need to pack clothing. The weather in NYC is changeable, so pack winter and summer clothing too. If you are moving from Florida to NY, for instance during the winter months, pack in your essential moving box some jackets and boots.

Moving boxes.
Pack and move like a pro to Maspeth – with the right tips and help

Hiring a mover from Maspeth

Most people when moving to NYC, hire a professional moving company from here. It is not easy to get around the city and to transport your belongings by yourself. It is highly recommended to get help from a local company because they already know the area and they are experienced. The streets in NYC are crowded and busy, and if you are not an experienced driver, you may get in trouble. 

Ask people for recommendations, search online, read online moving reviews, verify the company’s information such as license number and their physical address, etc. Spend time on researching because even the smallest mistake can cost you a lot. Avoid hiring scammers and choose the best company.

Renting a storage unit in Maspeth

Because of the high housing costs, most people choose smaller homes in NYC. But, there is another problem here – where to store all the items that cannot be stored in the apartment? Long-term storage rental in NYC is becoming more and more popular. It is cheaper to rent a self-storage than to rent/buy a bigger home in Maspeth.

So, when reading a moving guide to Maspeth, consider renting a storage unit too. There are moving companies that can offer you both services – moving and storage. If you have a lot of items and a small apartment, consider hiring a company to solve this problem and one of the company’s websites to visit is

Things to do in Maspeth

Where people for Maspeth spend their free time? What you can do here after work or school? Where to go?

  • Mission Escape Games
  • Bowlero Queens
  • O’Neill’s restaurant
  • Bushwig festival
  • Maspeth Bingo Hall
  • Knockdown Center
  • Huch Cafe Louge & Garden
  • Song & A Dance
  • Nina’s Gymnastics Center
  • The Lab Soccer Training
User guide to Maspeth - places to visit.
Explore places in Maspeth to visit after moving there and where you can have fun

There are plenty of fun things to do in Maspeth. Also, neighborhoods near Maspeth also have many different amenities to visit after moving. Now when you have a moving guide to Maspeth, your relocation process should be less stressful and easier. Explore places near Maspeth too, Queens is not a small borough.

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