Ideas for keeping kids entertained on a moving day

Moving is, in fact, stressful, no matter how hard you tried to make it easy. It is a huge change, even if you move just across the street and usually, it is a bigger distance. It is extra hard when you have kids. Before this moment when you start moving, you have already gone through many explanations, conversations and you have answered many questions. Now, when the moment has come, you are going to need ideas for keeping kids entertained on a moving day. This way you will keep them occupied and they will be out of trouble.

Keep them busy

It is a long way from desire and decision to a new place to live. On this journey, if you had the right approach you could choose the best moving company based on reviews for your stress-free move. With this should be an easy thing to solve. After finding the right option for you, it is time to get involved with boxes and packing. With that amount of work, you will not be able to supervise your kids all the time. That’s why you have to find some interesting ideas for keeping kids entertained on a moving day:

  • Get them involved
  • Create a moving-day safe room.
  • Play outdoors

Little helper

Give them a task. They can clean, declutter, or pack their room. You can guide them and explain to them how to separate the important from the irrelevant. They can be of great help. You can involve them in wrapping and packing, just show them how to do it. In the end, they can even decorate the boxes and do the color-coding of the stuff.

Kid with a luggage
Kids can help with packing

Keep the kids entertained

If the kids are too small to help it is best to spare them to the maximum. A safe room is the best option in this case. You will know where they are and what they are doing. Give them board games, boxes to paint, toys. You can even make a movie or game list for that day to keep them entertained.

Treasure hunt

The kids are the best when they are outside. If you have a yard, you can organize numerous games for them. This way they can have fun or you can involve them in the process. You can give them fun or you can charge them to do something in the yard during the move and help you with packing. No need to come up with ideas for keeping kids entertained on a moving day if they are outside, they will find fun on their own.

Kids playing in the pond
Keep your kids entertained on a moving day

You know your child the best. It is familiar to you what things you can rely on them during the move.  Talk with them so you will think of more easy ideas for keeping kids entertained on a moving day. Help them to relax and allow them to help you. This way you will connect better and enjoy the moving together.

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