How to spend summer weekends in Brooklyn

If you are planning on visiting or moving to Brooklyn any time soon, you definitely need to know just how you can spend summer weekends in Brooklyn. No matter whether you are a student, a young professional, a parent with small children, or a retiree, there is something for you to do in Brooklyn. And if you are out of ideas or you simply do not know just what Brooklyn has to offer when it comes to entertainment, we are here to help. As Brooklyn experts, we decided to write this article talking about the best ways to spend summer weekends in Brooklyn.

Go to Coney Island if you want to spend summer weekends in Brooklyn the right way

If you haven’t already been to this iconic and historic neighborhood, now is the time. This is where you will mostly enjoy the amazing view this neighborhood has while you are walking down the bank of the river across the Manhattan skyline. What is good is that the historic Luna Park is open year-round, not just during the summer. But summertime is certainly the best time to visit it. Especially when you consider the fact that it is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for singles. Meeting people here is very easy!

This is one of the places in Brooklyn where anybody could have fun and enjoy their free time. Parents with children will love the parks and the playgrounds. There are some amazing restaurants nearby where you could grab a nice fancy dinner with friends. This is one of the nicest neighborhoods of Brooklyn. And if you decide to move to this part of Brooklyn, turn to pros from the area to make relocation easier.

Coney Island people walking.
There are plenty of things for you to do on Coney Island.

Do you like to swim?

If you prefer to have a more active weekend no matter whether alone or with family or friends, there are plenty of options for you as well. But as we are talking about summer weekends and fun summertime activities, we believe that public swimming pools are the best option to explore.

There are plenty of such pools in Brooklyn. Some are solely for adults but most swimming pools allow everyone in. Some buildings in Brooklyn have their own private pools. Moving to such a building is possible with the help of Clean Cut Moving.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

A lot of Brooklyn residents haven’t done this, do not be one of them. Go and take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a long walk but a very nice one. It is a good place for taking pictures and enjoying the view of the city. Generally, it’s crowded with tourists, especially during the weekends but we believe it adds to the complete feeling.

Girl sittin gon Brooklyn bridge,
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is a unique way to spend summer weekends in Brooklyn.

Attend a summer concert

There are plenty of events being held throughout the entire year in Brooklyn but summertime is when this place is the most alive. This is one of the most fun ways to spend summer weekends in Brooklyn. Almost every weekend you have an open-air live concert in Prospect Park. Many different fun events are organized during summer which is just one of the reasons why moving to Brooklyn is always a good idea.


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