How to rent your first storage unit in NYC?

Renting a storage unit isn’t as daunting a prospect as you may think in the first place. If you follow some rules, you can rent your first storage unit un NYC quite easily. In case you’ve never rented a storage unit, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. Plus, to decide which option is the best, you’ll surely need some help. But, the good news is you can learn how to rent your first storage unit in NYC. Here’s what you must know.

You must know how much space you need

So, you’re preparing to relocate. You’ve learned all those moving preparations – tips and tricks, but know you want to know how to rent a storage unit. Well, before renting, you must find out how much space you need. Units vary in price, and it’s all dependent on the size you want. Smaller ones will cost less to rent than bigger ones. However, in a larger storage unit, you can put a lot more items. But, remember, the storage units are quite tall. So, a small facility can be suitable if all you’re doing is stacking boxes in it. Yet, if you’re putting furniture like sofas and beds, you’ll need a larger unit because of the width.

Storage Unit Empty - Rent your first storage unit in NYC
To rent your first storage unit in NYC, you must know what storage unit size you need.

How to rent your first storage unit in NYC? – Look for the ones that are close to where you live

You don’t want to spend ages driving to your storage unit, right? Therefore, it makes sense if you can find facilities that are close to your home. Just like there is a guide to finding reliable NYC moving companies online, you can find storage units using the Internet. NYC is abundant in self-storage facilities. So, you are unlikely to have trouble finding one close to your home. Use Google Maps to find your nearest ones.

Find out if there are any discounts for long-term rental

The benefit of renting a storage facility when it comes to the duration is that you have complete flexibility. In most cases, you can rent a unit for as little as one week, with no maximum length. Asking for discounts, especially if there are lots of available units, is worth it. When negotiating on the price, a quiet period in a facility can easily work in your favor. They prefer you to pay less, but over a longer-term than the full price for saying one week.

Be sure your items are packed and protected well

Storage units are dry, clean, and secure for all tenants. But, what happens when the building gets damaged, for example? So, it’s worth packaging your items in boxes or having some extra protection. Another reason to do this is that you also don’t want the contents of your items spilling out. Or damaging other things in your self-storage unit.

Storage Moving Box
Make sure you pack and protect your items properly.

Have the right documents to rent your first storage unit in NYC

Most storage units in NYC will want to see two forms of ID from you. So, check with the storage facility you want to use. Otherwise, some delays can happen before you can move your things into the unit.

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