How to rent an apartment out of state

Looking to rent an apartment out of state can be a daunting task, especially for those who don’t know where to begin. Sure, if you have family members and friends who already live there and/or know of great communities to live in, they will help you out. But what if you don’t? In that case, read on – we’ve got you covered.

There are two different paths you can take, each leading to your new apartment. What the paths will look like, and what sort of apartments they will lead to, is entirely up to you.

Path A: You Don’t Walk Alone

This one is for those who want to know all the options and pick the best one. Those who wish to find an apartment that fits their needs and preferences, and are not afraid to ask for help in finding one. Think of it as a sort of “guide” along your path. What we mean by this is finding a professional housing agency/community, getting in touch, and finding the best match for you.

Browsing online for an apartment to rent, even if you’re out of state, has never been easier. A quick email or phone call is all you need to get answers to your questions. Find movers in the area such as Native Movers to help you plan out your relocation in advance. If you don’t find the perfect apartment in one community, the agent can usually make recommendations for another, so your options are numerous.

A woman talking on the phone.
Ask for a professional agent’s help when searching for an apartment out of state.

Here is another thing you should consider: shared living can significantly reduce the cost of renting an apartment out of state. You should first determine whether you should live alone or live with other people. Living alone will, of course, mean greater freedom, but the cost-efficiency of shared living is undisputed. Maybe you’ve just moved out after a breakup and want some peace and quiet alone. Consider all pros and cons and then decide which prevails.

Path B: You’re an adventurer

Let’s say you don’t want any help along your home-finding path. You want to do it all by yourself. In this case, a systematic approach is best. Here’s how:

  • Make a plan. Figure out which areas you want to live in, determine your budget and your priorities, and write down everything important so that it doesn’t slip your mind. We advise making a checklist for moving to a new city and following your plan to be sure not to forget something essential related to your move.
  • Start browsing the major websites for listed properties, and use your budget and list of priorities to filter out those that don’t fit.
  • Make contact. Reach out via emails, contact forms, or phone calls. Do not fill in any application forms yet, as your first goal is to get in touch with the landlord/manager and gather the most important information before proceeding.
  • Schedule a tour. As bad as 2020 has been when it comes to many things, some very good ones came out of it as well. For example, the world has finally realized that nearly everything can be done online, from the comfort and safety of our homes. So, if you’re not traveling from a different state only to tour apartments, try scheduling an online tour. During the tour, do not forget to ask all crucial questions when looking for a new place to rent. 

Fill out an application

If the tour went well, the apartment is a good fit and so is the person you were in contact with, if every little detail and question you had was addressed and answered, then it’s time for this last step of the process.

In case there’s a long waiting list and/or you’re in a hurry, go through steps 3 – 5 again with different communities. If something isn’t really “it” for you, then skip it and keep looking.

…But if you found the one that fits – congratulations!

A cat sitting in a box.
Make sure your furry friends like it here too!

So, let’s say you’ve found your apartment. Congratulations – you’re halfway there. Metaphorically. Physically, if your new home is in California and your old one is on the opposite coast, you’re thousands of miles away, so “halfway there” might be pushing it. No worries – we have you covered here too.

Coast to coast moving

Even if you’re moving from coast to coast, there’s no need to panic. There are ways it can be done safely, affordably, and professionally. However, it so often happens that people overlook certain costs when relocating, so it’s important to take good care of finances. A vast number of moving companies specialize in handling coast-to-coast relocation with ease while saving your time and energy. What’s important is to find a reliable one which has a trained and professional moving staff, along with the right equipment. The really good ones will also provide a free estimate of their services, so you’ll know in advance about any costs involved. The price range of moving coast-to-coast will vary based upon moving distance, shipment weight, and additional services needed.

The final preparations

As with every other relocation, the same rule applies when trying to rent an apartment out of state: plan in advance and de-clutter your home. A crucial thing to remember when packing is that the drive will take a few days, so secure your things well, don’t pack any easily perishable consumables, and bring your essential items with you. Say goodbye to your old place and get excited! In all the rush about during the move, do not forget the time difference, so you will need to change your clock, alarms, and adapt your schedule to another time zone.

Man and woman with boxes packing for the move.
If you’re moving to California from out of state, professional help will be necessary.

Every major life change has its challenges, especially a significant change like this one ahead of you. If you follow a plan and stay well organized, doing things on time and not at the last minute will save you a lot of trouble. When you’ve found your perfect apartment to rent and the relocation is finally over, take your time to adapt. We’re sure you will discover many benefits after deciding to rent an apartment out of state. Enjoy your new area, and make the most of it!

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