How to prepare a floor plan to help your movers

When you get the idea of changing the residence, usually you are not aware of how demanding it is.  At first, you are excited, you dream about your new place but then you realize that it is a thousand-mile journey. From finding a place to moving, you have to find a solution for so many tasks. After all the trouble, you are at the finish line, it is time to pack our things and think about how to prepare a floor plan to help your movers.

Floor plan to help your movers

When you are hiring a moving company it is of great importance to have a good deal and to determine the conditions in advance. Ask about the price and what affects it. There are some ways that you can help and prepare a floor plan to help your movers. It will be easier for you because you will know what to expect and it will be of great help to them because they will do the job more efficiently.

Shaking hands
Make a good arrangement


Set conditions upfront. Determine the current state of furniture and pieces of stuff. This is a great way to affirm the effectiveness of the service. They will be more careful like this and you will make the job easier by reporting some damage caused before. Draw their attention to things that are broken, insecure or collapsible. Lots of furniture you have in the apartment can be disassembled into smaller parts. This can significantly facilitate packing the furniture and moving. Protect pieces of furniture that are already thorn, this will save them through the movie. Remove unstable glass parts from furniture. Take care of the edges on your furniture, these are the parts that are the easiest to break in the transport. Tape the drawers, you don’t want them to fall out and break during the move.

Well packed

Plan this in advance, you will need more time for packing than you think. Usually, we are not aware of how many things we have until we start to pack them.

Colorful boxes
Make a supplies

Provide a sufficient number of:

  • Boxes – Equip yourself with different sizes and use them well, make the most of every corner inside. Use them for fragile things like glass figures and dishes, or for more numerous items such as cutlery. In this way, you will save them from waste and loss. Use them for books, small chests, jewelry, makeup, and cosmetics.
  • Bags – Pack some big, fluffy, and soft things inside, something that can’t be broken. Clothes, pillows, bedsheets. You can place them in ion one of the furniture drawer and save space in that way.
  • Protective materials – Paper, newspapers, styrofoam, and protective foam. Use them to cover and protect the fragile stuff. You can also use some old clothes.

Prepare a floor plan to help your movers. In that way, your move will be a pleasant experience without additional and unnecessary stress. Be there just for a case, maybe your presence and guidance can help them to do the job in a more efficient way. Don’t forget to enjoy the process.

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