How to pick a New York neighborhood in 2021

Wanting to move to New York is one thing, but choosing the right neighborhood is another. There are many factors the determine which neighborhood you consider worthy of your attention. Of course, most of those factors are subjective in nature. That means that your personal preferences come into play mostly when you are choosing a place to live for the next period of time. Other, but not less important factors are objective in nature. This we can talk about. Some of those factors are the location of the neighborhood, median income, median home value, etc. But the value of neighborhoods changes with the passing of time. Some neighborhoods that were considered bad in previous years, now turn out to be one of the most popular ones and vice versa. So, how can you pick a New York neighborhood in 2021? This is what we are going to answer in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

If you want to pick a New York neighborhood that fits you, you have to know what you want from it

Before you decide on the neighborhood you want to live in, you have to decide what do you want from it. Neighborhoods in New York can be quite different, and this is why it is important to know what you expect from it. Some neighborhoods are better for artists, some are better for families, some are for seniors, while some are good all-rounders. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with that. Depending on who you consider yourself to be, and on other subjective factors, the decision ultimately falls on you.

Little girl thoinking about the right New York neighborhood.
Before you decide on a New York neighborhood, you have to know what you expect from New York and your life in it.

Also, you have to know something about certain neighborhoods of New York

There are a lot of good neighborhoods in New York. But choosing the right one for you isn’t only the question of what you want. Sure, many New York newcomers would want to live in the most prestigious parts of the City, but not all of them can afford that. This is why people compare prices, education, locations, noise levels, and so on when choosing the neighborhood. Also, you have to prepare for your relocation to New York. It might be good to know some tips and tricks about relocation in general.

This is exactly what we can help you with. So, let’s check some well-known neighborhoods and some hidden gems of New York. Let’s begin!

Jackson Heights, a very diverse New York neighborhood

Korean food.
Jackson Heights has a fantastic kitchen from all around the world.

One of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods of New York, Jackson Heights offers an awesome mix of different cultures. It can almost be considered as a New York inside New York. A truly cosmopolitan neighborhood, Jackson Heights is the perfect place for anyone who wants to experience how is it to live in a truly multicultural neighborhood. This is why it is a good neighborhood in New York for business. In the morning you can go to a Korean restaurant and fill your stomach with a portion of fantastic food then go to an Indian beauty salon and prepare for the class in a Hispanic dance school. If you consider yourself a cosmopolitan, Jackson Heights is definitely a neighborhood for you.

However, even the most international kind of person cannot move to it without professional help. So, if you need help getting settled in this area, try to find the best moving company that can move you from another part of the city to this wonderful neighborhood.

  • Jackson Heights is located in Queens
  • The median home price is around $615 thousand dollars
  • The median price per square foot is about 520 dollars
  • A very diverse neighborhood great for families


Located on Long Island. Huntington is one of the towns of Suffolk County in New York. A fantastic, family-friendly little town, Huntington offers that classic bedroom community atmosphere. This is why it is easy to adapt if you’re coming from certain parts of New Jersey to NYC. It is not as diverse as Jackson Heights, but it offers its own set of advantages. First of all, the location of Huntington is great, located in the middle of Long Island, commuting throughout it is quite easy. You’ll have easy access to every part of Long Island, and we consider that to be very useful.

So, if you decide to move to this wonderful town from any other part of New York, Huntington experts can deal with this for you. And now, let’s check out some of the facts about this pretty town.

  • It is located on Long Island
  • The median home price is around $705k
  • It is a wonderful family-friendly town.

Park Slope

A family going to a New York neighborhood.
It is indeed a very family-friendly New York neighborhood.

Park Slope is a wonderful and popular neighborhood in New York, located in Kings County. With a population of over 60 thousand inhabitants, Park Slope offers a fantastic urban atmosphere. Although it is a fairly densely populated neighborhood, Park Slope is most popular with families.

However you cut it, Park Slope is a very well-rounded neighborhood. It has it all. It is great for families, but also it is great for people who want to experience New York to it’s fullest. Our friends from Tik Tok Moving and Storage tell us that this part of New York is becoming more and more popular with newcomers, especially with families who don’t want to live in suburban areas of New York. Here are some facts about this beautiful neighborhood.

  • Located in Brooklyn, Park Slope is a well-rounded neighborhood.
  • The median home price in Park Slope is around $1.2M
  • The median price per square foot is just over $1.1K

Wherever you want to go, one thing is certain – if you want to pick a New York neighborhood that fits you, you have to know what you want from it first. Good luck with your move!

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