How to pack your things for an NYC storage

So, you’ve decided to move to the big city, the Big Apple, NYC. The final stages of preparation are underway. You are aware that you are going to need storage space in NYC. Are you unsure about how to pack your things for an NYC storage? Here are a few helpful tips to make your move easier.

Deciding what to pack

Firstly, you need to decide exactly what you wish to pack. Making an inventory of your belongings will make it easier for you to decide how to pack your things for an NYC storage, which things you wish to donate to charity or give away, and which things you wish to keep in storage. To help you with this process you can look at tips and tricks on moving preparation.

A safe door that guarantee perfect safety once you pack your things for an NYC storage.
Pack your things for an NYC storage and keep them safe.


Storage units in NYC are in high demand and whilst they are affordable they are certainly not cheap. The sum of money you will need to put aside for a storage unit in NYC will depend on several factors. The amount of storage space you need is a key factor. The space needed depends on the number of things you will be storing. Getting rid of any unnecessary belongings is a key step in keeping your storage costs down.

Packing only what is allowed

One mistake which is often made by people packing their belongings for storage is that they pack items that are generally not allowed in storage units. Storage facilities have very strict guidelines about items that are allowed and items which are prohibited in storage. If you have decided on a potential storage facility, contacting them to find out what is and isn’t allowed is a good idea. Also, consider if any of your items require climate-controlled storage. Below is a list of items that are generally prohibited from storage facilities.

  • Perishable goods – perishable goods such as food attract pests and put the storage facility and the items stored there at risk.
  • Plants – people are often too lazy to dispose of plants and store the pots along with the plant itself. Rotting organic material is often accompanied by very bad odors.
  • Animals – no animals are allowed in storage units.
  • Flammable substances – No storage facility wants to risk a big fire destroying all their client’s belongings.
  • Toxic chemicals – toxic chemicals can cause serious health issues to employees at the storage facilities and can contaminate other units and goods if spilled. Hence, cleaning supplies, paints, solvents, medical waste and similar are prohibited.
  • Illegal items – storage facilities do not allow the storage of illegal items.
A sign that says "Flammable".
Inform yourself about what items can be put in storage.

Pack your things for an NYC storage but don’t store your valuables

Although in general storage units are safe there is always a risk that items could be misplaced or damaged. Storing family heirlooms, jewelry, and art is not a good idea. You should find another way of taking care of your valuables like finding a reliable moving company in NYC online.

Label your boxes

No matter how good you believe your memory is, chances are that you will forget what items are in which box. You probably won’t be using any of the items you are putting in storage for at least a couple of months. Labeling each box carefully and precisely will make unpacking them or finding an item you are looking for much easier at a later stage.

Now that you know how to pack your things for an NYC storage you are one step closer to your amazing new home.

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