How to pack memorabilia for a long-distance move

When it comes to performing a move, the most frightening task is packing your household items. There are too many things that can go amiss when packing for long-distance resettlement. You can not wrap your items correctly or forget about them. But the most difficult items to pack are memorabilia. Memorabilia is usually dear to you, and you should handle them with care. We at Moving and Storage NYC are here to help you pack memorabilia for a long-distance move. Let’s begin!

Get the packing materials before you pack memorabilia for a long-distance move

Before you can begin to pack for a move, you need to acquire the proper packing materials. Having the appropriate packing materials is even more significant if you are packing memorabilia. Here are some tips you can follow to find suitable materials. 

  • First, before you start looking for boxes, make sure to measure your memorabilia. 
  • Second, use the measurements to find the appropriate moving box size to pack memorabilia for a long-distance move. You do not want a box that is too much bigger than the items you are putting in it or too small. Pro-tip – account for the space that the wrapping materials will occupy. 
person cover with cardboard boxes
To pack memorabilia for a long-distance move successfully, you need boxes of different sizes.

Now that you know how to pick the right moving boxes for your memorabilia. Let’s see where you can get packing materials. 

Where to get packing materials 

There are a few ways you can get packing materials to pack memorabilia. But before we go on, we have to mention you do not try to get free boxes from the store to move memorabilia since they will not provide enough protection. Here is where to get packing materials for your memorabilia. 

  • The first option to get packing materials is to ask a moving company to look at your memorabilia and give you suitable materials. 
  • The second option is to use the measurements and get packing materials for memorabilia in the store.
  • Finally, you can get packing materials for your memorabilia on the internet. 

When it comes to which option to choose, go by order. The best one is to ask movers to assist you, then go to the store where an employee can help you. Choose the internet as the last option. 

Packing memorabilia for a long-distance move

When it comes to packing memorabilia, you have two options. You can hire professionals to help you pack or do it alone. Since getting assistance is pretty straightforward, we will give you some tips on packing memorabilia. 

  • First, you should clean your memorabilia before packing it. 
  • Second, line your boxes to give extra protection to your memorabilia. 
  • Finally, do not go stingy on your wrapping materials when packing memorabilia. 

With the three tips above, your memorabilia will survive the long-distance move. 

man smiling in front of white moving truck
Movers will not go near personal memorabilia, so you should learn to pack correctly.

You are ready to go 

We hope that our tips on how to pack memorabilia for a long-distance move make your relocation less stressful. And when you get to your new home, use budget-friendly storage solutions to store your memorabilia. Good luck! 

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